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Best Hiking Sleeping Bags (Reviews & Buying Guide)



Pros & Cons :
Good for summer weather with a good weight / price ratio

Millet Baikal 750 (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: + 10 ° C
  • PADDING: Synthetic fibers
  • WEIGHT: 0.77 kg
  • LENGTH: 210 cm
  • Full opening
  • Twin
  • Several accessories (pocket, compression bag, drawstring)
  • Price can be expensive for some
  • Can be bulky (3.5 L)
My best for not very cold weather

Millet Baikal 1100 (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: + 5 ° C
  • PADDING: Synthetic fibers
  • WEIGHT: 1.15 kg
  • LENGTH: 215 cm
  • Good insulation/weight ratio
  • Full opening and can be twinned
  • Accessorized (inside pocket, compression bag, anti-cold flap)
  • Can be bulky (3.5 L)
  • Price a bit expensive
Performante sleeping bag with a good price

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Spark (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: + 6 ° C
  • PADDING: Synthetic fibers
  • WEIGHT: 0.96 kg
  • LENGTH: 198 cm
  • Good quality
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Full opening and can be twinned
  • Accessorized (inside pocket, compression bag, anti-cold flap)
Performs well for its price

Deuter Orbit -5° (L)
  • COMFORT T °: 0 ° C
  • PADDING: Synthetic fibers
  • WEIGHT: 1.78 kg
  • LENGTH: 220 cm
  • Good insulation/weight ratio
  • Full opening
  • Anti-cold flap and collar
  • Price can be expensive for some
A good quality, performance sleeping bag

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Laminina Z Flame (L)
  • COMFORT T °: -6 ° C
  • PADDING: Synthetic fibers
  • WEIGHT: 1.69 kg
  • LENGTH: 198 cm
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Full opening
  • Collar
  • Accessorized (compression bag, storage cover, anti-cold flap ...)
  • Price
A lightweight and excellent quality sleeping bag.

Wilsa Down Ultralite 150 (Unique)
  • COMFORT T °: + 10 ° C
  • FILLING: Goose down
  • WEIGHT: 0.44 kg
  • LENGTH: 210 cm
  • No bulk (20 × 10 cm)
  • Full opening
  • Compression bag
  • Lightweight
Good performance and comfortable at the level of the feet

Sea to Summit Trek TKI (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: + 5 ° C
  • FILLING: Duck down
  • WEIGHT: 0.79 kg
  • LENGTH: 203 cm
  • Full opening
  • Comfortable on the feet with its rectangular shape
  • Accessorized (inside pocket, compression bag, storage cover)
  • It may be bulky (5.1 L)
  • Expensive price
A very versatile sleeping bag for a cold temperature

Rab Ascent 500 (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: + 1 ° C
  • FILLING: Duck down
  • WEIGHT: 1.04 kg
  • LENGTH: ~ 185 cm
  • A good compromise between quality, price, insulation, and weight
  • 3/4 opening
  • Collar, compression bag, storage cover, and anti-cold flap
  • Expensive price
  • Can be bulky (39 × 22 cm)
My best sleeping bag for cold conditions with a good price / weight ratio.

The North Face Blue Kazoo (Regular)
  • COMFORT T °: -3 ° C
  • FILLING: Goose down
  • WEIGHT: 1 kg
  • LENGTH: 213 cm
  • Full opening
  • Anti-cold flap, compression bag, collar
  • Excellent insulation / weight / price ratio.
  • Expensive price for some
  • Can be bulky (43 × 23 cm uncompressed)


This year has been one of the most exciting periods for sleeping bag shoppers. The industry has witnessed a boom and we have seen designers go back to the drawing board and develop some of the most fascinating and features packed sleeping bags. If you are looking for the best, here is a rundown of 10 best sleeping bags you could put your money on today.

Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

  • What we like: Ideal for all seasons, waterproof, incredibly comfortable
  • What we don’t like: Bulky because of extra filling

If you are out there combing through different shopping platforms looking for an incredibly comfortable sleeping bag, the Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag is what you should be going for next. It is well built and the extra filling it comes equipped with will give you the much-needed warmth. Plus, weighing around 60 ounces, this is one of the easiest to carry around sleeping-bag.

This particular bag comes made from diamond ripstop polyester. There is also a polyester lining that will ensure you get the much need warmth even if temperatures fall below zero. ComfortSmart Technology features are also worth mentioning. It does not only make this bag incredibly durable but also offers a relaxing result after that long hiking day.

There is a lot that has also gone into the exterior. This bag comes equipped with a water repellent exterior. With that, you will not be worried about rain or even extreme weather conditions. As if that is not enough; the unzip button allows a great level of ventilation, especially during those summer nights. The Coleman North Rim Extreme is an amazing sleeping bag worth every other consideration.

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

  • What we like: Great for cold weather, comfortable, versatile design
  • What we don’t like; Quite expensive

If you are not afraid to dig dipper into your pocket from a great sleeping bag, the Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag is all you ever wanted. Designed to handle those cold weather conditions without any problem, this bag is one of the most comfortable you can lay your hands on today. Its overall design is out of this world.  It does not only come with cool features but a very versatile design also.

Its level of insulation will simply blow your mind. The bag comes equipped with the ThermaPro synthetic system, which is basically a fiber blend that offers an amazing level of warmth even in some of the coldest regions. The fiber blend also does come with other great things; it doesn’t need maintenance. It is also super soft and can keep you feeling warm when it rains.

The Kelty Tuck 22 Degree is a premium sleeping bag you could invest in today. It comes with a polyester taffeta shell and lining, which are incredibly tough and durable. It does matter how long you will use it, you will not find the shape or structure affected.

Last but not least; if there is another outstanding feature that distinguishes this bag from the rest is the Comfort Tuck system. You can actually unzip the bottom part and you let your feet out. 

Big Agnes Yock 0

  • What we like: Mummy style, comfortable, Ultralight
  • What we don’t like: It’s a bit expensive

If you are looking for an award-winning sleeping bag that comes packed with plenty of great features, the Big Agnes Yock is an impeccable choice. It does not only come from a big name in the industry but one of the best choices for cold weather conditions.

From the way it has been built, this particular sleeping bag is able to deliver an exceptional level of warmth. That is not even all; it is incredibly lightweight. It is just amazing how designers have managed to make it super comfortable and at the same time still managed to keep the weight down.

The Big Agnes Yock is mummy shaped and totally different from what we have seen in sleeping bags with similar shapes, this one does come with a u-shaped opening that can allow you block out a draft without necessarily feeling closed in.

The zippers have also seen a lot of modifications. They are well built and are less prone to ripping. Plus, the makers did include a zipper garage that will prevent the zippers from irritating your skin. The Big Agnes Yock is also fully convertible; should you feel like you need space for two people, you can actually zip them into one.

Coleman Palmetto Adult Sleeping bag

  • What we like: Super soft, well made, double and snag-free zippers
  • What we don’t like: the liner is prone to tear

Who said you have to spend a fortune for a great sleeping bag? If you are running on budget and looking for a great, but cheap sleeping bag, the Coleman Palmetto Adult Sleeping bag is exactly what you should be looking for next. It is rectangular in shape and has been designed for great comfort.

The Coleman Palmetto Adult Sleeping bag coming with a temperature rating of 50 to 70 Fahrenheit, we could say it is the most ideal option for warm conditions. The double zipper system is also an amazing feature. It allows you to open one side, for great cooling. Plus, you can fully open and use it as a blanket. Its rectangular shape makes it quite roomy. With this sleeping bag, you get plenty of space to wiggle. In short, you won’t feel like you are pressed on a tight spot.

The inside has also seen a lot of work go into. The bag comes equipped with a polyester liner that is super soft and comfortable. It won’t irritate your skin in any way. The zippers are also well designed, they come with a snag-free closing and opening. In the end, really, the Coleman Palmetto Adult Sleeping bag is an amazing sleeping bag worth checking out.

Sleeping Queen Size XL Double Sleeping Bag

  • What we like: Super spacious, comfortable, convertible, water-resistant
  • What we don’t like: Quite large and bulky

For couples who are planning on sleeping on the same sleeping bag, there is no way you would go wrong with Sleeping Queen Size XL Double Sleeping Bag. As the names suggest, this sleeping bag has been designed to comfortably accommodate two people at a go.

Coming with a 32 degrees temperature rating, we could say the bag will provide a comfortable pace to sleep in, especially when the weather is nice. It is very well built. It is super tough and the water-resistant exterior design will ensure you stay dry even in wet weather conditions. The Sleeping Queen Size XL Double Sleeping Bag is fully convertible. You can actually separate it into 2 individual sleeping bags. This can be great if you are planning to sleep with your child.

The inside lining is also well designed. It made of a very soft tetron alongside cotton combo. This makes it quite comfortable to the skin. Another great thing about this sleeping bag is that is comes equipped with a compression bag and you can stash it in and hit the road. It also comes with 2 pillows and that can be a big plus if you are looking for more comfort.

In the end, we can say this bag is great for traveling, backpacking and even if you love to snuggle with your kids in your living room. Although it might force to dig dipper into your pocket, the number of things you could do with it makes a worthy choice. You won’t regret spending more money on it.

TETON Sports Celcius XL

  • What we like: Great value for money, great lining, can be cleaned with ease, plenty of pockets
  • What we don’t like:  Not a suitable option for subzero temperatures

If you are looking for another great bag that can keep you warm during winter with your spouse, the TETON Sports Celsius XL should be on your next shopping list. Although it is one of the latest entries into the crowded market, it has been redefined and is currently battling for a nice position in and around the market. It is well designed and the number of features it comes with makes it worth checking out.

There is something so special about the lining. It comes made of 100 percent poly flannel lining that feels so soft for your skin. The TETON Sports Celsius XL is mummy shaped and that will ensure no heat is lost. You will be kept feeling warm all through the night.

This sleeping bag has also been built to last. The taffeta shell coupled with a double layer offset structure makes it quite tough. In fact, it is one of those bags you could use now and for years to come. It has been built to last making it a great value for money.

So if you once in a while hit one of the best spots in the backcountry as a couple, the TETON Sports Celsius XL is what you need to be going with. It does not only offer enough space but will also ensure you remain warm all through those cold nights.

The Body Source Mummy Sleeping Bags

  • What we like: Exceptional comfort and warmth, 3-4 season bag, durable
  • What we don’t like: Zippers tend to snug

For 3-4 season sleeping bag lovers, the Body Source Mummy Sleeping Bags might excite you in a number of ways. It is mummy shaped and one of the biggest sellers right now because of a number of reasons. When it comes to ultra backpacking, the Body Source bag is a true winner. It weighs around 88 g and comes made of tough and sturdy 190T polyester outer shell.

Its level of insulation is also one of the key highlights. The bag features 300GSM warm filling that is said to handle temperature between 18 to 10 degrees Celsius. The lining is also magnificent. It offers a very nice feel and touch. It won’t irritate your skin in any way.

Although it is quite spacious, it is super light. It is also water-resistant. In the end, really, Body Source Mummy Sleeping Bag deserves the top position for what it can do. Get it today and enjoy those cold nights right in the middle of the wilderness.

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

  • What we like: Incredibly lightweight, versatile and super convenient
  • What we don’t like: A bit slippery, may tend

If you are looking for an envelope type sleeping bag for your next trip, the ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag is what you should be going for real next. The exterior has seen a lot of work go into. It comes fully equipped with nylon outer materials that give it the much-needed level of durability. The inside features a polyester lining alongside cotton inner materials for a soft feel.

When it comes to construction, this sleeping bag is going to excite you in a number of ways. It is lightweight and its breathability will simply blow your mind off. The bag is also exceptionally roomy. It will comfortably house you as it keeps you warm all through.

The ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag does come with a temperature rating of between 48 degrees Fahrenheit to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are worried about its overall packability that should not be a problem at all; this bag packable.

Overall, the ECOOPRO Warm is an amazing sleeping bag you could actually put your money in today. It is incredibly durable and the kind of features it comes with will simply blow your mind off. It is worth checking out.


Your Budget, Needs, And Other Constraints :

The Price

Ideally, how much money you are willing to put on this gear will in a way determine what you are going to take home at the end of the day. With some models now selling a few dollars and others even going at hundreds of dollars, it always boils down to what you can afford. However, the higher you go on the price the best quality and features you will get. In short, you get what you pay for.

Why do I need a sleeping bag?

This probably is the first question you will find asking yourselves. Typically, people use this piece of gear in all sorts of different situations. It could be you are going camping, hostel backpacking or you just keep in the garage until some guest comes over to spend a night in your house. However, no matter the situation, we need this type of bag to keep us warm when we sleep at night. So if you know you are going to deal with a temperature as low as 10 degrees, the bag must be up to the task.

What about insulation?

These bags come in different designs, but also with different types of insulation that can help handle a range of temperatures and climates. It is because of this that you may want to choose a sleeping bag that fits your outdoor activity. If you are visiting a cold area or you think temperature can get really low, go heavy on insulation.

Are you going with your partner?

If you are going to sleep with your partner, chances are you will need a larger sleeping bag. Getting one that can comfortably house both of you is much better than investing in 2 bags. One larger bag is cheaper than 2 sleeping bags.

Where will you be hiking?

The location you are going to use the bag in will actually dictate what you are going to take home at the end of the day. If you know you are going to hit one of the coldest regions, going for a bag with outstanding insulation will make a lot of sense. On the other hand, if you know the weather will be a bit warmer, you may want to go easy on insulation.

Will it be wet? This also will determine what to choose. For example, if it going to get really wet, a waterproof down might make a lot of sense as it will be able to deal with moisture.

What is your adventure?

As when you are buying your sleeping pad, it is important you factor in the main activity you need the bag for. Always think about what you will be doing before you can actually make that final choice.

  • Hiking

If you are going to do a lot of hiking, especial through those long trails, compressibility and weight should be your main focus when buying a sleeping bag. Hiking sleeping bags have been designed in a way that minimizes their weight, but also still able to give you the much-needed warmth to weight ratio. They are mostly narrow in shape and come with down insulation.

  • Camping

With this, you wouldn’t want something to carry around for long. Get a bag that is suitable for this kind of adventure. Camping sleeping bags are designed to offer great comfort and for that, they come in big sizes and great insulation. These few things make them quite bulky and heavy. They also come equipped with synthetic insulation. They are ideal for warm and mild warm temperatures.

  • Alpine

If you love going into the mountains, it will make more sense if you pick a bag that offers exceptional insulation, as mountain areas can get really cold. They are designed to be a little bit narrow and incredibly lightweight. It is quite easy to carry them around for a considerable length of time.

Is there any other thing you need to know?

Pretty much like when you are choosing any other item, there are a few other things you may want to take into great consideration when buying a sleeping bag. We are talking about design. Do you want it to be able to be zipped? What about the length? In the end, really, balancing all these things with your budget will allow you to nail a perfect sleeping bag for your next trip.


Sleeping Bags Types, Designs, and Shapes :

Sleeping bags come in different shapes and you can choose one depending largely on what you really need. For example, there are those that allow you to sprawl while other wraps you tightly leaving you feeling like you are pressed in a corner. Here are some of the most common types we have today in the market.

Rectangular sleeping bags

As the name suggests, these types of bags come in a box-like shape. This option is super spacious and extremely comfortable. One of the best things about it is that you can actually use it as a blanket during those warm nights. Rectangular shaped bags are the most suitable options for summer temperatures. There are the best front country camping.


  • Super spacious
  • Quite cheap
  • Comfortable


  • Quite bulky
  • Less thermal efficiency

Mummy sleeping bags

Resemble those Egyptian coffins, which mummies were found in. They are mostly close-cut and often come with a built-in hood. They provide maximum warmth. They are the best 3-season sleeping bags you could go for today. They are more suitable for winter use or if you know you are going to camp in areas with temperature falling below zero.


  • Lightweight and super compact
  • 3-season bag
  • Exceptional warmth


  • Quite pricey
  • Close-cut design

Barrel Sleeping Bags

They come with closer cut design than rectangular-shaped bags. They offer much better thermal efficiency than rectangular. They also come with a built-in hood, giving you extra warmth. This option is more practical for the front country camping. Additionally, it is one of the best bags for three-season use.


  • Quite roomy
  • Not very expensive
  • Super light
  • Compact


Double sleeping bags

They are huge and are an ideal option for couples who are planning on sleeping together while they are out there in the wilderness. They are basically a wider version of rectangular sleeping bags. It is also possible to find a double version of mummy or even barrel sleeping bags.


  • Roomy
  • A perfect option for couples


  • Expensive
  • Bulky 
  • Not compact

Spoon shaped sleeping bags

You will rarely see these types of sleeping bags in the market, but they are there. They come in a spoon-shaped and for some people; they may look like an hourglass shape. These spoon-shaped bags are designed for people who love sleeping on their sides. This is because side sleepers need more space when curling their knees up toward the chest.

Kid-sized sleeping bags

Pretty much like any other backpacking gear, kids have also been well taken care of when it comes to sleeping bags. Kid-sized sleeping bags are now available. They are quite small, short, and most quite affordable. Moreover, it comes in different shapes. You can find a kid mummy-shaped bag or even a rectangular kid-sized bag. Additionally, similar to a number of kids’ items, these also come in fun colors, patterns, and prints. You can actually choose one depending on your kids’ taste and preference.


What To Consider When Buying A Sleeping Bag :

As when you are choosing any other backpacking or camping gear, there is a lot that goes into the whole selection process when choosing a sleeping bag. There are a great deal amount of factors you need to consider. Plus, this simple process can be made even more confusing if you have never made a choice before. Here is all you need to consider when choosing your sleeping bag.


The kind of fabric that goes into the construction of a sleeping bag is also important. Pay attention to the fabric as it plays a key role; it keeps and protects the insulation of your bag. Here are the three most popular fabrics you will find today in the market.

  • Nylon

This is pretty common and you will find it in a number of bags. It is exceptionally lightweight and allows you to pack down your bag and still manage to protect the insulation in the inside. When it comes to ultralight sleeping bags, you will find that 10 or 15 denier is pretty much common.

  • Microfiber

This is a more durable shell fabric. With it, you will not only get great protection from abrasion but also weather resistance. One of the best things about this fabric is that it still breathes. It will not overheat in the bag.


Not very common, but you will find it if you are looking for an expedition sleeping bag. It is incredibly tough and also windproof. This fabric offers an amazing level of resistance to moisture. It is not fully waterproof though.


After you are done choosing the shape, you might also want to consider the size of your bag. It is critical; it is one factor that can make or even break the choice you make. Many times, it will make more sense if you go for a size that matches your height with an allowance of 1 or 2 inches. This is important if you get a longer bag, you will be left with a lot of unused space that could leave you feeling colder. Moreover, if your bag is too short, you will feel like being pressed a little bit. Typically the size and length do vary based largely on gender.

  • For men– These bags often come in tall and regular lengths. There are other brands that offer short sizes. These tall sleeping bags typical are meant for people who are between 6 feet and 6 feet six inches tall
  • For women– They are typically shorter than men sleeping bags. They mostly come in tall and regular models also. However, for women who are super tall, they can go for unisex sleeping bags.


As with any other backpacking gear, sleeping bags come also designed to handle a number of weather and climates. There are 3 seasonal categories and you can make a choice depending on what you really need.

  • Winter: You know what winter means; super cold with temperature even falling below zero. Any winter sleeping bag often comes with a snug-fitting and outstanding insulation. Mostly they come with a temperature rating of 10 degrees or even lower.
  • Three –season: These bags can effectively handle cool temperatures of autumn, spring, and even summer conditions. They come with a temperature rating of 15 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they could actually work for mild winter temperatures.
  • Summer: These bags are incredibly spacious. They are light and offer a maximum level of ventilation. With this, we are talking about 35 or even higher degree Fahrenheit temperature rating.

So if you are out there shopping for a sleeping bag, take the seasonal range of your camping into great consideration. For instance, if you know you will be camping in a relatively hot climate with a few visits to a colder region, instead of investing your money on two different bags, consider going for a light summer bag. After all, if temperatures get really crazy low, you can add a sleeping pad and some warm blankets. It is as simple as that.


What kind of insulation does your bag come with? This is one question you need to ask yourself before you could actually put your money on this piece of backpacking gear. We have two major types of insulation.

  • Down insulation

This one comes packed with hundreds of plumules, which can be duck feathers or fluffy filaments from the goose. This provides an amazing level of warmth. A sleeping bag that comes with this insulation can be a great investment if you are looking for a sleeping bag to serve you now and for years to come. However, know that should it get wet at some point, it tends to form clumps and its warmth retention will be affected significantly. So if you know you are going to hike in wet weather, this may not be a suitable option.

What makes it great?

  • Down is incredibly durable
  • Can be compressed with ease, super lightweight
  • Does well in cold weather conditions


  • Synthetic insulation

As the name suggests, this is a synthetic form of insulation. It is a mixture of things. This form of insulation employs polyester threads spun that are mixed with short filament called staples. It traps warmth in between, giving you the much-needed level of warmth. One bad thing about this form of insulation is that it tends to lose its fluffiness over time.

However, they are quite cheap and a bag with this insulation will not hurt your wallet. They are also quite easy to care for and can effectively retain heat even in wet conditions. This is basically a great option if you are going to spend most of your nights in damp climates. Plus, it is also a suitable choice if you are running on a shoestring budget.

What makes synthetic insulation great?

  • Non-allergic
  • Ridiculously fast drying
  • Affordable
  • Best choice for wet weather



How well your sleeping bag is accessorized is also important and must be considered at all times. There are a few items you may want to check.

  • Stuff sack: Although you may buy it separately, to help you save a few dollars, ensure your bag does come with this sack. It will help you compress your bag down, for easy packing and carrying
  • Storage sack: Typically, if you leave your sleeping bag compressed for a considerable length of time that could actually affect its overall ability to loft fully or even provide the much-needed insulation. For this, ensure it does come with a larger mesh storage sack.
  • Sleeping bag liner: This a great feature. It will help keep your sleeping bag clean all through. 


As when you are buying your backpacking pad, you will want to consider how warm your bag will keep you. Typically, they are designed to trap body warmth. So you may want to ensure it comes with impeccable insulation and very less interior space as that will make a warmer bag for those cold nights.  Nowadays, we have seen designers name their bags with a number that basically indicates their lower limit. But for an industry that lacks standardization, it can be really tough to figure out exactly how your sleeping bag will be without testing it.


These are basically chambers that contain your sleeping bag insulation. When it comes to down sleeping bags, you won’t fail to see quite a number of configurations. The most common, however, are horizontal and vertical baffles.

  • Vertical Baffles

These baffles are ideal for bags that have dialed in shapes. The best thing about this is that their hoods, as well as, foot boxes are incredibly more comfortable than those horizontally baffled bags. It is great if you love sleeping in your bag. One key issue with vertical baffles is that they require to mesh walls sewn along their length to prevent the down filling from migrating. They are also quite heavy than horizontally baffled bags with the same quality and rating.

  • Horizontal Baffles

These types of baffles are a bit warmer than vertically baffled bags. They also come with great versatility. That continuous baffle can seamlessly wrap around the whole circumference of the bag, meaning you can easily move your down insulation around giving you different levels of warmth. For example, if you find it too cold, you can easily shape all the down from the bottom so there is twice as much right at the top. If you find it is warm, you can shake it from the top so that all down is beneath you.


If you know you will be doing a lot of trekking from one location to another, it is important you factor in the weight of your sleeping bag. Size, as well as, weight are two essential factors. After all, if you are a serious backpacker, you know a few ounces can easily bring a whole difference in the comfort of your pack. Normally, the more big and spacious your bag, the heavier it will be. However, if you are looking for something lighter, a mummy shapes sleeping bag will make a lot of sense.  They are incredibly lightweight.

The Fit

As with the size, how the bag fits is important and must be factored in at all times.  If you get that extra room in the foot area of your bag, that can be really difficult to warm up. On the other hand, if you buy a very short bag, you will feel a little bit compressed right at the foot and that can actually impact negatively on its overall insulation properties. Your comfort must come before anything else.

Waterproof and Water resistance construction

A good number of modern sleeping bags come completely of a nylon shell on the outside. This cover can either be water-resistant or even waterproof. This feature does play a key role as it allows your bag to stay in perfect shape no matter the conditions you are actually camping in.

On the other hand, Durable Water Repellent does come with a number of benefits also. It makes water on the outside of your sleeping bag bead up. This will enable the bag not to soak in water. While this feature can truly come in handy, DWR tend to wear off after long use.


How easy the bag to store is crucial; so when choosing your sleeping bag, pay attention to its overall compressibility. Also, check how small they pack down in your backpack. However, when you are not using it, people are always advised to store it uncompressed as that will allow the bag to retain its ability to loft.

Currently, a pretty good number of designers do include a large cotton storage sack, where you can store your bag when not in use. This is actually a great storage option. Additionally, if you have space at home, you can store it by hanging in a closet. This will allow full loft. Moreover, make sure you keep it away from pets, especially cat claws. They are attracted to down bags and can cause some serious damage to your bag if you let it play with it.

Other Features to consider :


This tool truly comes in handy during cold weather. We tend to lose more heat through our head, but a hood will ensure that doesn’t happen. So it is important you make sure your bag does come with this great feature. Most mummy and those semi-rectangular sleeping bags come with this feature.


Pretty much like those typical pockets, your sleeping bag pocket offers plenty of benefits. You can actually stash your clothes and create a great pillow, or even store your cell phone and wallet. Others also come with sleeping pad pockets. However, make sure it has a sleeve fit for your pad as that will prevent you from rolling off.


This feature comes in handy during winter or even cold weather. This feature can comfortably wrap around your neck and effectively prevent warmth from escaping from your bag. Additionally, draft tubes also come with the same benefits as the collar; however, it often runs the full length of the primary zipper.


A good number of sleeping bags come equipped with several zippers installed strategically around it. This actually allows you to zip and unzip as much as you need, especially when adjusting ventilation. Additionally, most models also come with designs that effectively minimize snagging. It basically encases the zipper in a snag-proof guard.

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