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24 Best Apps To Improve Your Kayaking

One of the reasons why you need to take that kayaking is to break away from all the hustle and noise of the city. However, even as you try to unwind from those busy working schedules inside that tiny office in town, technology is one thing that seems to be fast becoming part of us. It follows you everywhere you want to go today. If you are a kayaking enthusiast, technology is also going to be part of you. Here are my best apps to improve your kayaking.

This by far one of the best kayaking navigation apps you could find today. There are just too many things going on with this application. With this incredibly kayaking phone app, you get free marine navigations, trail record systems and also fishing GPS. It also comes with a built-in compass that will make things even much better for you.

If you are looking for the best weather apps for your next kayaking trip, there is no way you would go wrong with this amazing app. AccuWeather is one of the best weather forecast apps that will keep you constantly updated with changes in the weather. One of the best things about this app is that it is incredibly detailed and also comes with an accurate weather forecast of that particular area. So if there are strong winds or even storms you will be made aware of all that. So if you want to stay safe, this is the kind of app you definitely need.

If you enjoy taking those great photo shots and love making videos when you are out there, you are definitely going to find this app quite useful. This unique app is unlike anything you have seen before. With this app, you can collect a lot of information as you paddle; that is ranging from trip length, photos, and wind speed. This app allows you to upload data right onto their site. You can also have all the records on social media.

  • PADDLE PARTNER- Android and iOS

Paddle Partner is another useful kayaking app.  Designed to be totally different from other kayaking apps we are all used to, this one provides some real-time navigation statistics that are both offline and online. Because of the ability to be used even when you are offline, that means one thing; you will not even need a phone reception for it to work. That is not even all, with it, you get a number of things that are ranging from your exact location, and also the distance between where you are and where you started.

From its name, we are sure you already know what this app is all about. This app is largely based on tides. With this Tides Near Me app, you get to know any nearby tide stations and also those you chose for a certain location. You also get to know about their conditions. Ideally, this app comes with some amazing calculations’ that are touching on the time of the last and future tides. This app is also fully automated, and that means you won’t have any issues using it.

  • RAPID MAGAZINE- Android and iOS

Instead of combing through social media looking for those whitewater ideas and photos, just get this amazing app. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most sought after whitewater publications. With this publication, you get plenty of how-to videos, athlete stories and also photo galleries. You can go through this magazine when you are relaxing at home as you plan for your next kayaking trip.

  • PADDLE READY- Android and iOS

When it comes to kayaking, you all know how your safety and that of your paddling partners is paramount; a great reason why you need to download this amazing app; the Paddle Ready. What this app does is quite simple. You can use this app to learn and review safety and also the best rescue techniques before you hit the water with your kayak. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


If you have been following the happening across the industry, you would agree with us CPR is evolving all the time. If you want to be up to date on any changes on CPR, getting this app is all you need. Through this app, you get to learn adult and infant CPR through some of the best illustrations and videos.

If you are a kayaking enthusiast and you would love to bring that aspect of fishing into the whole adventure, you will find this app extremely useful. Fishbrain is a brilliant app for anglers that love social media. With this app, you get a real-time fishing forecast. This is one of the largest social networks for fishermen from around the world.

  • NOAA WEATHER RADAR- iOS and Android

You probably have that weather forecast app on your phone, but we are sure it shows you very little information. This is why you need to upgrade to NOAA Weather Radar. This is a very detailed app and with it, you get to enjoy radar images alongside real-time weather updates. You also get exact temperature readings.

Normally, all the other apps won’t make any sense if your phone battery dies when you are still out there. However, with this Juice Defender, your phone battery dying all of a sudden is going to be a thing of the past. This app will ensure you get all the available energy from your phone battery. What this app does is pretty much simple. It extends the life of your battery and that will prevent any unnecessary power usage.


Available on both Android and iOS, this is another great app for any kayaking enthusiast. This app gives you up to date nautical charts that are for both kayaking and fishing. You also get information on tides, current, and weather. As a kayaker, this app will surely put a smile on your face.

This is among the best route tracking kayaking apps we have in the market today. This app can show you a number of things ranging from travel time, distance and also altitude all in real-time. It also very detailed and shoes very interactive graphs.

  • ARMY FIRST AID-iOS and Android

Who else knows how to keep someone alive in some of the worst conditions than the army? With this Army First Aid app, you get a very detailed manual on how to handle any medical case when you are out there in the river. It comes with a whopping 600 pages of great information. This app will surely bring the Army’s first aid manual right into your phone.

Yes, there are plenty of tide tracking apps we have in the market, but if you are looking for one of the easiest to use, you don’t need to look farther; the TideTrac app is going to be of great help to you. This app will not only help you track tide with so much ease, but is also incredibly easy to use. With it, you don’t really need any advanced nautical knowledge for you to understand it.

At times, you might have some serious issues with your phone’s reception. When that happens, you can’t download anything like maps among other things. It is really great to have a plan B, and there is no other way, except through this app. This app allows you to download maps of your route right to your phone before you set out.


While some kayakers just want to enjoy those peaceful rides on their kayak, others would just want to bring fishing into the whole adventure. Firstmate is a brilliant app for anyone who is both a kayaker and fisherman. This app will let you know some of the best times to fish each and every day.

  • MOUNTAIN BUZZ –iOS and Android

There is no other better thing that makes that kayaking experience so much better than a community of like-minded people who love to share their passion.  Mountain Buzz is a perfect forum to share those great experiences with the world and also help you develop the best kayaking friendship. It fact, with this app, you can also get a friend from that community to go kayaking with.

  • WINDFINDER –iOS and Android

Kayak angling can get really crazy when the weather is very windy. However, this app will make your life a little bit easier. It comes with animated wind, as well as, weather forecaster amps. This will give you great heads up on the wind conditions in that particular area. If it is going to be really windy, you might want to call off your trip until that great calmness returns. This app gives you a number of useful wind information. That is the strength and also the direction of the wind.


From the name itself, it obvious you already know what this app does. This is an amazing app for kayakers as they can use it to get river data of a whopping 14,000 sites. That is not the best part; this data is constantly updated every hour. This app will surely come in handy when you are choosing where to kayak.

If you always struggle when it comes to knots, there is no way you can go wrong with this app. With this brilliant kayaking application, you know how to use different knots and what they do. Whether you are tying a boat to your car or just on a tree as well, this app will let you know exactly what you need to do.

  • TRIP JOURNAL- Android and iOS

If you want to document the best moments and experiences and share it with the world, this particular app is all you need. It comes with amazing features ranging from geotagging on photos and also waypoint recording. That alone makes social sharing incredibly easy.


Talk to kayak angler today and they will tell you how it is really important to keep an eye on the weather. This app helps you do just that. It is a very detailed app and with it, you can keep track of weather conditions. Through this app, you get any alerts of any severe weather. Plus, you also get accurate weather forecast of the local area through some of the best interactive satellite and radar maps

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