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Bote Zeppelin Aero Inflatable Kayak Review (2021)


  • Very stable inflatable kayak
  • Due to the tandem capabilities, space, stability, and high load capacity, you can enjoy being on the water with others.
  • Self-draining capability
  • Lots of useful accessories like the GoPro mounts, RAC mount system, and magnetic drink holder.
  • Durable due to the Aero Technology
  • Easy transportation and storage because it is lightweight and foldable


  • No more than one drink magnetic holder system
  • The draining system requires you to paddle in order for it to move and drain well
  • The deck pad becomes less performant in white water because the draining system takes time


In hurry? Here’s What Matters Most

BOTE Zeppelin Aero is an inflatable kayak that remains stable even with tandem paddling.

The fact that he can be inflated in around 12 minutes using his single-chamber pump or in around 3 minutes with an electric pump makes it a great choice for beginners who need a stable and easy-to-use kayak and even experts because he can also handle fast-moving rivers.

Due to the Aero Technology used by BOTE and the richness of the features, this kayak becomes great for people who look for something that lasts.

Bote Zeppelin Kayak Unboxing


  • Two action mounts:

You get two mounts, one in the front end and one in the back end for Bluetooth speakers or GoPro without the need for an adapter,

  • RAC mount system

You get two RAC receivers behind the solo seat mount, that can hold a fishing rod or net holders, a cooler, or even your umbrella.

  • Magnetic drink holder

Bote thought of a genius feature that magnetically secures your thermos to the center of the board.

  • Comfortable grab handles

You get four carry handles, two in both front and back end, that help you transport your kayak from your car when you are with another person or simply get your kayak from the water, and another two handles in the sides to transport your kayak when you are solo. These four handles are of high-quality neoprene that makes them cushy for your hand.

At the front of your kayak, you get a quality bungee cargo to secures things like your clothes or o fridge.

  • 4 D-rings:

Even though you have the bungee cargo section, you get also four slightly bigger D-rings at the back of this kayak to secure your waterproof pouch or clip-on accessories.

  • Two paddle-straps

If you want to pause for a snack or to enjoy the nature around you, BOTE gets you back by providing you with one paddle-straps on both sides of the kayak to not leave your paddle to the side of your kayak.

  • Self-draining deck

At the bottom of your kayak, you have a total of 8 holes that help you drain the water you get on your kayak by running it between the pontoons and the deck floor to the outside.

Simple and effective cargo bag

When you purchase the Bote Zeppelin, you get a giant waterproof bag with a main compartment for bigger things like the inflatable kayak, board, inflatable seats, and paddles. You will get also a front pouch for smaller things like the fins etc.

One thing I didn’t like about this bag is that if you have a small car and you can’t put down the back seats, you will struggle to transport this giant bag, and this is expected.

To avoid finishing on a negative note, I want you to know that this giant bag comes with roller wheels to help you transport the heavyweight from the car to the water.

Extensive range-adjustment paddle

If you don’t already have a paddle dedicated to SUP, you should get it because even if BOTE Zeppelin is considered a hybrid kayak and paddleboard, the one paddle you get is not paddle boarding friendly due to the design of its handle.

On the other side, this five-piece paddle is lightweight due to the use of fiberglass, so no worries about getting tired easily.

The extensive range adjustment makes it suitable for tall and at the same time short kayakers.

Just for your information, you can still buy a second paddle if you want.

Quick and easy to inflate comfortable kayak seat

If you think you will get two seats with this kayak, you are wrong. With Bote Zeppelin, you get only one inflatable seat and the option to buy an additional one if you want.

I like the fact that they let the buyer decide for himself instead of forcing him to buy two seats when he only needs one.

The seat you get with this kayak is quick to inflate (requires just 7 psi), has a bunch of straps to be adjustable.

The added part below the front part of the seats makes you sit at an angle that makes it more comfortable to sit in and not slip off.

On the seatback, you get two molly chains to attach your keys, for example, and a pocket to store small things like your phone.

What I liked more about this inflatable seat is that, due to its capacity to compact, it can also be taken to the beach to get used as a chair.

Single-chamber pump

Even though you get only a single-chamber pump, inflating this inflatable kayak takes only around 12 minutes using the included pump.

The pump has two valves, one for inflation and another one for deflation.

To make it compact, the two handles can be separated when not in use.

This pump has two modes, dual-action to get air upstroke and downstroke, useful when you start pumping air in, and when things get harder you can switch to the single-action where you only get air downstroke, to make things easier.

Inflating this kayak is easy and quick because the pontoons only need 3 psi, but the paddleboard between 10 and 15 psi.

Do not forget that you still need to inflate the single seat you get to 7 psi.

All this will take you around 10 to 12 minutes, and if you want to get your kayak ready to use in only 3 minutes you can get yourself an electric pump.

Slide-in center fin

The center fin, one of the three ones Bote Zeppelin comes with, is a 6-inches slide-in fin that gets secured in place with a clip system.

The other two plastic side fins, are short to be river-paddling friendly and are easy to restore their shape if they end up bent.

A repair kit that includes adhesive

Bote excels in its repair kit by offering you the repair glue, which is not usually found in SUP and kayak repair kits due to shipping restrictions.

You get also a wrench to tighten the inflation valve if it gets loose.

Other than that, there are some adhesive patches to fix small holes and scratches.

Offers excellent tracking and remains steady

With the BOTE Zeppelin kayak, even if you are still a beginner, you can still remain a steady and straight line in the water due to its length of 12’6’’, the three fins, and the keel guard that breaks water for you underneath the front half of this kayak.

With all of these advantages, your paddling will be efficient and your experience will remain smooth.

If your kids or dog freaks out because he feels unstable on a paddleboard, it will not be the case whit this inflatable kayak, because he is 38’’ wide and have a recommended weight capacity of 600 lbs.

Maneuverable for beginners only in some conditions

Generally speaking, the more the kayak gets shorter and lightweight, it becomes agile and maneuverable at the expense of speed and stability. And the more he is longer, the more he becomes stable at speed.

BOTE Zepplin Aero is easy to handle by beginners in calm or slow-moving water, but he can still handle extreme water conditions if you are an expert.

Comfortable traction deck pad

One of the materials that help keep you comfortable is the use of BVA foam in the deck pad that makes it soft and cushy for your feet, especially if you usually use your kayak for long sessions.


Deflating a kayak and packing it into a bag makes it definitely more portable.

Extremely durable inflatable kayak

The use of drop-stitch material reinforced with layers of military-grade PVC composites makes the base rigid.

Tip for BOTE Zeppelin Aero owners

If you are solo, I recommend you not install the seat then carrying it to the water, because it becomes heavy, and the seat may be in your way while you carry your kayak.

BOTE guarantee and warranty

With the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can return this inflatable kayak if you aren’t happy for any reason, but this is subject to a restocking fee of 20%.

Even if the BOTE 2 years warranty protection seems generous, there are some limitations to this that you should be aware of.

Do not forget that you should fill out an online form to benefit from this warranty.


If you are looking for a versatile and stable kayak to cruise and enjoy water and nature, solo or with a partner, I can confidently recommend you BOTE Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak.


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