My 10 Best Kayaks for Kids (Reviews & Comparison)

MY BEST KAYAKS FOR KIDS COMPARISON:   MY BEST KAYAKS FOR KIDS REVIEWS: SUN DOLPHIN BALI 6 FOOR SIT ON TOP Length: 6ft TYPE: Solid sit-on-top Kayak WEIGHT: 23lbs Kayak maximum capacity: 140lbs Features: High-density polyethylene, Open cockpit for quick entry, Lightweight design, Different footwell positions Pros:  Budget friendly, lightweight, tracks well, roomy Cons: Lacks … Read more

43 Top Gifts For Kayakers

Muck like any other person, kayakers also love to be spoil with gifts once in a while. If you have that one person in mind and you want to surprise them this coming weekend or any time soon with a great gift, there are a couple of things you could actually get for them. If … Read more

How To Kayak With Your Dog

If there is one great thing about kayaking other than just bringing your kids along, you can also go kayaking with your dog.  That can bring some much joy and fun into the whole trip. However, as when you are kayaking with your kids, if you are going to bring your dog along, there are … Read more

Kayak Parts & Terminology you should know

Kayaking, very much like any other outdoor, does come with its own share of terminologies. There are those words and terminologies you will never hear of them anywhere, except when you are kayaking. When you are getting started, obviously, these terms and kayak parts could actually leave you feeling confused and left out, especially if … Read more

17 Top Kayaking Beginners’ Tips

Kayaking, in a way, can be one of the best outdoor sporting activities you could get yourself into today. It will not only make you fit, but is also one of the best way to spend time with family or even friends during your free time. If it is something you have been thinking of … Read more

19 Mental & Physical Benefits of Kayaking

If you are currently into kayaking, it is very likely you have learned all the great things you can net from this activity. It could also be that your doctor ordered you to do. Kayaking, very much like any other outdoor sporting activity, does come with a wide range of benefits. For beginners or even people … Read more