My 10 To Best Kayaks for Beginners (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST KAYAKS FOR BEGINNERS COMPARISON: MY BEST KAYAKS FOR BEGINNERS REVIEWS: WILDERNESS SYSTEMS PUNGO 125 RECREATIONAL KAYAK  Length: 12 ft Paddlers:  1 Style: Sit-In Recreational Kayak weight: 49lbs Features: Hull made from Rotomolded polyethylene, 475lbs maximum weight capacity, Adjustable seats for maximum comfort Pros:  highly stable, maneuverable, great storage space, additional accessories, comfortable seating … Read more

My 10 Best Sea Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST SEA KAYAKS COMPARISON: MY BEST SEA KAYAKS REVIEWS: RIOT KAYAKS EDEGE 14.5 LV FLATWATER DAY TOURING KAYAK  Length: 14.5 ft Paddlers:  1 Style: Sit in Touring Kayak weight: 60lbs Features: Slim deck line, Equipped with a pilot rudder system, Ingenious custom-fit seating system for extra comfort, Drain plugs to help you drain water, … Read more

My 10 Best Kayaks for Lakes (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST KAYAKS FOR LAKES COMPARISON: MY BEST KAYAKS FOR LAKES REVIEWS: SEVYLOR QUIKPAK K1 1-PERSON KAYAK– Best for easy paddling and lake trips Length: 8.7-ft Width: 36 inches Type: Inflatable Sit-On top Paddlers: 1-person Kayak weight: 16.5 lbs Features: 21 gauge PVC construction, Airtight system, Easy-to-carry backpack, Multiple air chambers, Tarpaulin bottom for durability … Read more

My 10 Best Kayaks for Women (Comparison & Buying Guide)

BEST KAYAKS FOR WOMEN COMPARISON: MY BEST KAYAKS FOR WOMEN REVIEWS: SCUBAPRO OCEAN KAYAK VENUS 11’’ Length: 10.8 ft Type: Solid Sit-On-Top Kayak weight: 44 lbs Kayak maximum capacity: 225 lbs Features: Lightweight, Stable design, Molded Bungee to help you store your essentials, Front, side and back handles for easy carrying, Well padded seat alongside … Read more

My 10 Best Lightweight Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

  MY BEST LIGHTWEIGHT KAYAKS COMPARISON:     MY BEST LIGHTWEIGHT KAYAKS REVIEWS: SEVYLOR QUIKPAK K1 1-PERSON KAYAK Length: 8 ft long Kayak WEIGHT: 19.75 lbs Kayak Capacity: 400lbs Style: Recreational/ Fishing Type: Solo Features: Multiple air chambers, Made from durable PVC, Equipped with a handle for easy transportation, Good number of footrest positions, Adjustable release … Read more

My 10 Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST SIT-ON-TOP KAYAKS COMPARISON:   [TOC] MY BEST SIT-ON-TOP KAYAKS REVIEWS: INTEX EXPLORER K2 INFLATABLE Length: 10.2 ft Width: 36 inch Type: Inflatable sit on top Style: Recreational Kayak weight: 30 lbs Kayak maximum capacity: 400 lbs Features: Large cockpit for comfort, Adjustable inflatable seat, Great backrest for support, Removable skeg, Bright yellow color for … Read more

My Best Sit-In Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST SIT-IN KAYAKS COMPARISON:     MY BEST SIT-IN KAYAKS REVIEWS: DAGGER AXIS 12 CAPACITY:  1 person LENGTH: 12-ft TYPE:  Recreational boat WEIGHT: 55lbs WEIGHT CAPACITY: 350lbs WIDTH: 27.5-inches FEATURES: Larger rocker for stellar maneuverability, Manageable size, Roomy cockpit, Height adjustable drop keg to main it in a straight line Pros: Versatile, great tracking and maneuverability, spacious … Read more

My 10 Best Tandem Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST TANDEM KAYAKS COMPARISON: MY BEST TANDEM KAYAKS REVIEWS: BKC TK219 FISHING Length: 12.2 ft Type: Sit-On-Top Kayak weight: 70lbs Maximum Capacity: 70lbs Features: Impeccably soft and well-padded seats, Includes 2 paddles and paddle holder, Enough room for three people, Two waterproof hatches to store your things Advantages: comes with two paddles, roomy, comfortable … Read more

My 10 Best Touring Kayaks (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST TOURING KAYAKS COMPARISON: MY BEST TOURING KAYAKS REVIEWS: NECKY CHATHAM 18-Foot TOURING KAYAK Length: 18 ft Material:  Fiberglass Kayak WEIGHT: 53 lbs Maximum Capacity: 350lbs What I like: Extremely lightweight, great stability, waterproof bulkheads, maneuverable and speedy What I don’t like: Inadequate onboard storage, doesn’t track well   DAGGER STRATOS 14.5 Length: 14.6 FT … Read more

My 10 Best Canoes (Comparison & Buying Guide)

MY BEST CANOES COMPARISON: MY BEST CANOES REVIEWS: SEVYLOAR OGDEN 2-PERSON CANOE Length: 10-ft Type:  Inflatable Kayak WEIGHT: 42.3 lbs Kayak maximum capacity: 355lbs Features: PVC construction, Adjustable seats, Multiple air chambers, Airtight system, Easy inflation and deflation Pros:  Quick set up, stable, adjustable seats for great comfort, rugged for lake use Cons: Doesn’t carry as … Read more