How To Avoid and Treat Saddle Sores

Mountain biking is one very demanding activity. Other than muscle pain you will have to deal with, saddle sores are one of the most common problems many riders have to endure. That saddle sore alone can ruin the ride as it can cause a lot of discomforts. It can be caused by a number of … Read more

How To Start Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, without any questions, is action-packed and can be one of the best activities you could get yourself into over the weekend. It is nice sporting activity and can be an amazing way to unwind after those days and days working in that tiny office. If you are thinking of getting into mountain biking … Read more

16 Mountain Bike Tips For Beginners

Mountain biking is a learning curve. Yes, you might know how to ride a bike and obviously you are not going to forget how to ride one. There are, however, skills and techniques you will learn along the way. This is a vast field and there is no way you are going to exhaust every … Read more

6 Types Of Mountain Bikes You Need To Know About

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, obviously, you have an idea of the main types of mountain bikes we have in the market today. Each comes with its share of features and each has been designed to handle different types of applications and areas. For example, what works in mountain areas will not work … Read more