How To Clean A Mountain Bike

After riding your mountain bike for days, just like your car, it needs to be given a thorough cleaning. It is essential you give it a clean wash as that will come with plenty of benefits. Not only will leave you to a sparkling clean bike, but it will also in a way help enhance … Read more

16 Mountain Bike Tips For Beginners

Mountain biking is a learning curve. Yes, you might know how to ride a bike and obviously you are not going to forget how to ride one. There are, however, skills and techniques you will learn along the way. This is a vast field and there is no way you are going to exhaust every … Read more

How To Jump A Mountain Bike – What You Should Know

For mountain bike enthusiasts, going up in the air with your mountain bike not only allow you to handle some of the most challenging trails, but it also does come with a lot of fun. However, before you could pull off this amazing bike trick, you need to have the right skills and techniques. Compared … Read more

How To Corner On A Mountain Bike

As a mountain biker, there are quite a number of techniques you need to learn and one of them is how to tackle those sharp corners. Pretty much like jumping, this is a technical skill and for you to pull it off successfully and without injuring yourself, you need to learn it. If you have … Read more

Top Tips On How To Train for Mountain Biking

Truth be told; mountain biking is completely different from the normal biking we are all used to. Other than great skills you are required to have, this type of biking is all about strength, endurance and most importantly cardiovascular health. You need these three key things to support those tough trails and also competitive racers. … Read more

6 Types Of Mountain Bikes You Need To Know About

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, obviously, you have an idea of the main types of mountain bikes we have in the market today. Each comes with its share of features and each has been designed to handle different types of applications and areas. For example, what works in mountain areas will not work … Read more

Parts of Mountain Bikes You Need To Know

A mountain bike comes with a number of parts, which can be assembled into one complete bike. As a mountain bike rider, it is important you know about these parts. That great information and knowledge about the parts can come truly handy if you need to replace something about your bike. Here are some basic … Read more

My Best Mountain Bike Racks (Reviews & Buying Guide)

MY BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE RACKS COMPARISON: MY BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE RACKS REVIEWS: Thule Hangon Number of bikes: 4 Max Weight: 60 kg Mounting type: suspension hitch Pros: easy to assemble, folding to access the trunk, very compact, family-friendly Cons: requires the purchase of a key lock   Mottez A009P3RA Number of bikes: 3 Max Weight: … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Brakes (Reviews & Buying Guide)

  MY BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE BRAKES COMPARISON: MY BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE BRAKES REVIEWS Shimano M820 Saint Disc Brake set System: hydraulic Weight: 306g Rotors: 200, 203 mm Calipers: 4-piston Pros:  Great stopping power, great modulation, easy to set up Cons: Heavier Clarks’ Cable Systems Rear Hydraulic M2 Brake System:  Hydraulic Weight: 418g Rotors: 160mm Calipers: 2-piston Pros:  Unbeatable … Read more