Allison Gigliotti

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

Nothing makes me feel more alive than getting outside and breaking a sweat in this big, beautiful world.

Adventure makes you feel...


Favorite type of adventure?

Any outdoor adventure with friends, celebrated with a post-adventure glass of rosé. (My version of seeing the world through rose colored glasses).

Favorite adventure to date?

The Mont Blanc Trek- a week long trek in the Alps through Italy, Switzerland and France.

What is your next adventure planned?

Summiting Mount Shasta

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

Backcountry skiing in Japan (aka Japow!)

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure is...

I work at The North Face, so I get to meet some really adventurous women. After seeing Emily Harrington and Hilaree O’Neil speak about their adventure to Myanmar last year, my wanderlust urge hit an all-time high (which I suppose says something interesting about me, because overall that adventure sounded miserable and I thought, “sign me up!”).

Adventure item you can't live without?

My lightweight down hooded jacket from The North Face, which folds into it’s own pocket. I live in foggy San Francisco, so I also use it on everyday adventures…about 350 days a year 

How can people follow your adventures?

On IG: @alligig