Jen Gurecki

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

Because life’s too short not to. There’s always some sort of risk or fear associated with adventuring, but it’s worth it. It leads to crystallizing experiences that shape you as an individual, help you grow, and see the world in an entirely new way. There’s also a sense of renewal and grounding that occurs during adventures. Things become clear again, and you get to reset from the stress of the day-to-day grind.

Adventure makes you feel...


Favorite type of adventure?

Outdoor adventures in foreign and not-well-traveled lands. I love the element of anticipation that comes with experiencing new places and cultures — you literally don’t know what’s behind the next turn. There’s also this entanglement between nature and culture—it’s as if you can’t experience one without the other. That’s why having an element of the outdoors intertwined with any adventure is so important.

Favorite adventure to date?

28-day white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon in January. The 28-day and January elements were a big part of why it’s up there at #1. Only thing I would have done differently was stay longer.

What is your next adventure planned?

Now that it’s spring, I always head down to the East Side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to camp, hike, hot spring, and backcountry ski. I have the beginnings of a trip to either Zanzibar or Rwanda planned for summer 2016. I haven’t been to either so I’m quite excited to see what I can work out.

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?


The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure...

It’s not so much the person as it is the story. Adventures are fragments of larger life goals, where the physical, emotional, and spiritual are woven together. I’m incredibly moved by storytelling that includes the complexity of the journey, and that’s what inspires me.

Adventure item you can't live without?

Black Diamond headlamp.

How can people follow your adventures?

IG:@yogurecki and @coalitionsnow

Founder of Coalition Snow-We make women’s skis and snowboards that don’t suck.