Jen Yih

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

When I think of “adventure”, I don’t necessarily associate it with a destination. I think adventure is a mindset and philosophy on how you approach anything, it’s a curiosity about life — exploring the unknown, learning and evolving. For me, adventure, in this form, wasn’t necessarily a choice but a gift.

Adventure makes you feel...

Alive and Restless.

Favorite type of adventure?

An adventure that makes me extremely uncomfortable, one that’s humbling, makes me human and vulnerable. That feeling you get when you’re homesick and want to turn back, but don’t.

Favorite adventure to date?

My favorite adventure was when I moved to Hawaii in 2013 with no plan.

What is your next adventure planned?

My next adventure is crafting my life in certain ways to make sure I never sit at a desk.

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

Bucket list — is to soon live out my dream. I call it the 60/40 Pineapple Split, that’s 60% of the year in the Pacific Northwest and 40% in Hawaii. It’s #1 on my bucket list to live a pure and honest life in every facet and I believe those TWO “places” will honor that dream.

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure...

My parents

Adventure item you can't live without?

My journal and a pen.

How can people follow your adventures?

Come with me, otherwise I’m pretty active on social media.

IG: @jenniferyih