Jessie Stehle

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

Because it’s one of the few opportunities as a woman that I get to define the road map without any expectations of how I’m supposed to do it. Besides I’m a rebel at heart and it aligns perfectly with how I like to live.

Adventure makes you feel...

Focused. It makes me feel like I am living the moment with absolute intention.

Favorite type of adventure?

The ones that lead you down an unfamiliar road and connect you with people you would have never otherwise met.

Favorite adventure to date?

A kite boarding trip to La Ventana, Mexico.  It was my favorite because it’s where I feel in love with my fiance and because I was able to be my absolute me and have someone love me for it.

What is your next adventure planned?

I will be living on a 39ft sailboat for the next year with my dog and fiance. We decided to quit our tech jobs and hit the reset button on life together. Instead we have chosen to embark on a art project across the Mediterranean to capture the voices of women in transition. Our site is if you’d like to follow us.

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

It is an ever changing list but their are two that have been on the bucket list for awhile. A Motorcycle trip across the silk road and the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan.

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure is...

This is an easy one, my mom. The women who gave me life and taught me the value of it. She still reminds me even as an adult, you only have one life so live it to it’s fullest.

Adventure item you can't live without?

 This one changes for me depending on what I’m doing. But there is one item I seem to carry with me no matter what and that is my Maui Jim sunglasses. I love how light, flexible, durable and functional they are.

How can people follow your adventures?

The best way is my Facebook page, it’s called Adriana Cruising Log.

We use it as a source of education on topics like…how to buy a boat in another country? But don’t worry we share our fun and goofy photos there as well.