Margarita Krivitski

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

To de-stress from work, gain perspective, meet inspiring people, challenge myself, see incredible places, and obviously for the fun of it!

Adventure makes you feel...

Inspired by the beauty, fulfilled by the challenge and sometimes humbled by it, closely connected to the friends that come with me, and mainly grateful for the opportunity to explore, which many people don’t have.

Favorite type of adventure?

I love adventures where there is a slight (or significant) uncertainty you have about whether you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Whether it be biking 150 miles via trail to Antietam in one go (success), thru-hiking the JMT in 9 days (failure), or making it to the summit of a challenging peak (mixed but mostly success), I love the mental and physical challenge of setting high (and sometimes seemingly outlandish) goals to then train and will yourself to accomplish them.

Favorite adventure to date?

This past summer I spent 5 days alone hiking through 125 miles of the John Muir Trail starting with a Mt. Whitney summit. I didn’t accomplish my 9-day JMT goal because of a knee injury and it took some painful hiking, hitchhiking, a shuttle, Amtrak, and BART to get back to San Francisco, but it was still one of my favorite adventures. Probably because it was my first solo venture out into the wild and I came back (mostly) in one piece.

What is your next adventure planned?

I started backcountry skiing this year and a few friends and I are heading to Shasta for a summit + ski descent later in the season.

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

Endless! My longer term bucket list items would be Denali and an undetermined peak in Nepal, but nearer term I would love to learn to rock climb ahead of a trip to the Alps this summer.

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure is...

My dad was my first inspiration to love the outdoors. When I was growing up instead of driving to tennis practice, he would attach a rope to his bicycle and drag me along on my rollerblades through Flushing Meadows Park. Although I typically send him photographs of my adventures after I get back these days, he continues to encourage and inspire me to dream big.

Adventure item you can't live without?

I get cold easily so I love my light Patagonia puffies and Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag. And I definitely can’t adventure properly without a jar (or two) of Nutella.

How can people follow your adventures?

I love photography so you can always track my adventures on Instagram, either through my personal account (@mkrivitski) or a recent outdoor-photography-only account I started (@doseofthewild).

Or join me! It’s not easy to find people who share a passion for adventure and so I’m always on the lookout for friends to dream and travel with.