Mary Cecchini

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

I choose adventure because it’s a critical part of me being me. It’s who I am. Without it, I don’t think I could ‘live big’ in an authentic way. And besides all this, why NOT choose adventure?!?! Life is more fun, complete and interesting when you create space for adventure.

Adventure makes you feel...


Favorite type of adventure?

The kind of adventure that you don’t anticipate or plan; the experiences happen without your knowledge, orchestration or effort. I call these magical travel moments —— it could be going off the trail slightly to discover a turquoise lake you didn’t know existed, finding the perfect swimming hole, or the turning the corner to discover a hut that is selling ice cold beers for 2 euros. These are the type of magical moments I aim to sprinkle throughout the trips I host to add surprise and delight along the way.

What is your next adventure planned?

My next adventure is a two month trip to Europe that kicks off in August. I’ll start with a Living Big trip to Iceland I’ll host for 9 women {trip details here!} and the two month trip ends with a Living Big trip to Croatia I’ll host for 8 women {trip details here!} In the four weeks between these twoLiving Big trips I plan to rent an apartment in Florence, Italy to work on a few writing projects, research a future Living Big trip to Italy and enjoy the adventure of living like an {Italian} local. Saluti!

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

My bucket list is currently 67 items long {check it out if you need some inspiration for your own bucket list} but I’d say rock climbing at an epic Oregon location, camping in Hawaii, road tripping down the California section of Highway 101 and going on an oyster crawl up the Washington coast line are at the top of my list.

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure...

The women in the Living Big community that I serve. I realize the opportunity and responsibility of being their conduit to adventure, to making memories and seeing the world. It’s my job {whoa, pinch me!} to explore and be adventurous so I can recreate these experiences on the trips I host and adventures I lead.

How can people follow your adventures?

Ah I’m blushing, thanks for wanting to follow along on the fun! You can follow my adventures on Instagram {@MaryLivingBig} and through Facebook {@LivingBig} And women that want to join for any of the adventures —— international adventures, long weekend adventures in the Pacific Northwest or day-trip adventures that are based in/near Portland, Oregon you can learn more at

IG: @marylivingbig

FB: Living Big