Melissa and Makaila

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

There is nothing more rewarding then seeing my daughter grow up in nature. To see her experience so many different adventures together, it is such great bonding time as well as an amazing way to learn on every aspect.

Adventure makes you feel...

It makes us feel free. It takes all the pressure off. It makes us feel strong when we accomplish new great adventures. To see the joy and pride in my daughters eyes when we explore is worth everything to me.

Favorite type of adventure?

Do we have a favorite? That is hard. We love backpacking, scrambling, hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing. My most favorite? Nothing beats getting on top of a mountain, Ill do whatever brings me up there

Favorite adventure to date?

My friend might not agree with me on this one…but last year we set to do Heart Mountain. As usual I was prepared for anything. I usually prepare to spend the night, I never want to be caught with my daughter in an emergency and not be able to provide the necessities. Heavy fog had surrounded the mountains and visibility was horrible and had to wait for it to lift off . By the time we could finally start safely it was already much later then I wanted. We finally made it to the top after having a few places slow us down and that is when we made the decision to do the full loop, as I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable doing the scrambling part again. Unfortunately, it took quite a bit of time with my 5 year old to do the full loop and it got dark, real dark. To my surprise, again, as I was crying, thinking, how could I do this to my daughter, she started singing me songs and telling me it was okay, that everything would be okay, even if we stopped and spent the night. Thankfully we made it back to my car safely that night.

So why would this be one of my favorite adventure? Because not only did we still have a fabulous day, we also grew stronger together. We were prepared to stop before we made mistakes, but most of all, when my daughter talks about this trip, she smiles, a smile so big and proud.

What is your next adventure planned?

We just decided to head down to Washington in a few weeks to climb Mount Adams!

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

My dad and I went to Peru together and I simply cant wait to share the same experience with my daughter. Nepal, Iceland and Africa is also on our list!

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure...

This shouldn’t be hard to guess…My daughter of course! And of course her biggest crush on instagram @ethanclimber

Adventure item you can't live without?

Since we do many adventures alone, we feel safety is our main concern. We love to have our inReach on our adventures. It is so nice to have piece of mind if something were to happen to us. And if (hopefully never) something happened to mom, my daughter knows how to communicate using it. My daughter would add a rope and “her” Mountain Hardwear Scrambler backpack…(she totally calls it hers!)

How can people follow your adventures?

IG: @rockieschick22