Shanti Hodges

Why do you #ChooseAdventure?

I feel like being a parent doesn’t mean adventure has to end. I didn’t know this would be the case when I first had my son, but now almost 3 years later I have been on more adventures than ever before. I am trying to help other parents see that camping, hiking, adventuring with a young child is possible.

Adventure makes you feel...


Favorite type of adventure?

I don’t have a “favorite” adventure. Right now we are doing a lot of hiking and car camping because this is what’s easy with a toddler. In our future I see some biking adventures (maybe even bikepacking), rafting, packrafting, and eventually some backpacking when Mason can carry his gear. I would have to say anything outside where I can see a beautiful view or explore an amazing forest is my favorite. Waterfalls, please! Long empty beaches! Mysterious canyons. An oasis in an unexpected place. I love it all!

Favorite adventure to date?

We have been on so many in the last few years. One of the best might have been Mason’s first birthday. We went with some friends on a boat out to a remote bay in Alaska and Mason celebrated his first birthday in a place only accessible by boat with almost 20 hours of light! We camped out, fished, hiked around. We also have done some amazing hikes in Baja, Yosemite, Moab, Zion, the Columbia Gorge. I feel like every day I head out with my little guy on to trail, it’s another amazing experience. Seeing him hike part of Emerald Pools trail yesterday in Zion was so exciting and rewarding. When he spots animals and calls out their name, I love it. He knows more animals than cartoon characters.

What is your next adventure planned?

Right now I am traveling with Mason hiking 30 hikes in 30 days. We are in our final couple of days. We have been in 7 states and met hundreds of families who we have hiked with. It has been both a good and trying adventure. There are moments when I asked myself,” why did I decide to do this?!” and then Mason looks over at me and says, “Mommy I love you. Let’s go camping.” Then it all makes sense. This was by far the biggest adventure I have been on with Mason so far. Next one will be rafting in June and then Alaska in July and Canada in August.

Your ultimate adventure bucket list is?

Hike hut to hut in Europe with my family, drive across BC, get to Yellowstone and more national parks. I think just sharing the big beautiful world with my son. I hope to someday take him to Asia and maybe India.

The person/people who inspire me most to take an adventure...

Usually my husband. He suggests something and then the next thing I know he’s planning it and we are off. I also am so inspired by so many of the families I watch on Hike it Baby pages. There are so many adventurous people doing what I am doing right now and I am definitely seeing their adventures and following suit.

I feel like the more of us that get out there together and adventure with our kids, the more others will get out there and then inspire us to go even further than we thought possible. For example, I don’t think Mark and I ever thought we would be hiking through Zion with Mason at this early age and here we are and it’s like no big deal. This park is so set up for families and all levels of hiking so we can do easy and harder things based on how we are feeling.

I also have a new friend Nancy Crowell @flowingelements who I met through the internet. She is bikepacking through Bolivia right now with her partner and 3 year old. She has totally been inspiring me lately and when I feel like giving up on an adventure, I just check-in with her (well now I can’t cause she’s in Bolivia) and she helps remind me I can do this!

Adventure item you can't live without?

iPhone + GoPro. Gotta document it, or how else will you all know what we are up to!? Really good, light jacket and rain pants, and down vest-With that you can make it through most things.

How can people follow your adventures?

IG: @HikeItBaby