Freehiking: what are the benefits?

Hiking has become a popular activity in recent years. It is practiced everywhere and at any age, and its benefits are well established! Did you decide to go hiking, but you still hesitating between guided hiking or freehiking?

Are you stressed, relax … hiking is a good way to take a break and get together! In France or abroad, more than 5 million French people declare to hike regularly. The tendency is to leave in a group, and preferably in unaccompanied circuits.

Why is this formula so successful?

Custom-made hikes

The freehiking responds to a need for tailor-made holidays, without constraints, and in complete safety.

A majority of hikers want to enjoy personalized holidays. This involves choosing the departure dates, the route , the distance traveled, and especially the number of days they want to stay in a particular place.

The new trend is to be able to set your own pace, without being required to follow the group. Unaccompanied hikes are adaptable and allow hikers to choose the modalities of their stay.

Just fun … without stress

There is a real need to change the way of traveling. Get rid of all the constraints to fully appreciate the trip. We go for a pleasure hike.

Freehiking is walking on a trail well identified and marked, having all the tools in hand (cards, etc.), knowing how long the hike will take – for a stress free vacation.

Hikers walk at their own pace, without having to worry about logistical issues. Accommodations are booked in advance by the tour operator. This means less research, and the hiker’s assurance of staying in a quality location.

Every day, the only imperative is to follow the trails indicated in the guides provided, until the accommodation for the night. There is more to enjoy walking, enjoy the scenery, and spend good time with family or friends, without worrying about the rest.


Spend time with loved ones

Another advantage of freehiking: one also chooses with whom one leaves . You can choose to travel alone, with your partner or family, with your best friend or colleagues … By choosing this option, you know who you are traveling with!

Being in the middle of nature with your loved ones helps strengthen ties and create unique and unforgettable memories .

The perfect formula for independent hikers

The freehiking brings the “adventure” side , which is not found in hiking with guides.

The walker becomes an actor of his journey. With maps and various notes on the route, he takes charge of navigating the trails.

All independent hikers confirm that there is no better way to travel than to leave without a guide!


The freedom to explore at your leisure

Moving at your own pace while enjoying the best things on vacation? This may be the key to the success of the free hike!

Enjoy a late breakfast, stop on the way to take dozens of photos, or watch the wildlife … with the free walk, the walkers are in charge of the rhythm of their day.

Unlike guided hikes for which schedules are meticulously regulated, leaving without a guide brings more freedom. It is possible to waste time doing something that makes you happy without having the impression of retaining the group.

Hiking in freedom: authenticity and meetings

The hike in freedom allows to appreciate all the authenticity of the crossed places. And better still, it favors unusual encounters on the way.

By traveling independently, hikers naturally interact with more people. There are many meeting opportunities on the road, as in the villages in the evening!

Unaccompanied hiking allows you to explore a region in the best conditions ! For unique experiences and memories !


So, do not hesitate!

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