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44 Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers, also, love to be pampered with gift. Here are top gifts for mountain bikers you probably didn’t know about.  One of them can make a really great gift for that person you know.

For riders who love keeping things as simple as possible, the Blackburn Core Mini-Pump will make a great addition to their biking gear. This pump is incredibly compact and can comfortably fit into your hydration pack when you are not using it. 

If you are looking for the best tire inserts for your favorite mountain biker, there is no way you can go wrong with the Cushcore inserts. They don’t only help keep the air in the tire, but you can also use them to manage how that air behaves. They make a great addition to any serious mountain biking enthusiast.

Mountain biking enthusiasts will love the Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump with Gauge. It is one of the most effective pumps for a really small price. This pump is portable you could actually get today. Other than its portability, it also one of the most powerful mountain bikes pumps in the market. With just a few strokes, you can have your tire filled with air in a very short time

As we age, those demanding biking tasks can take a toll on our knees. However, for great protection, you need to invest in a great pair of knee pads. The Demon Hyper Pads should be on top of the list for a mountain biker. These pads are incredibly durable and also comfortable. Plus, you can use them in other activities and not just cycling.

This is an exceptional gift for bikers who love to record every single thing they do on a bike. So if you know of that one person who loves capturing those sweat breaking cornering skills, the GO PRO is exactly what they need to capture those great moments. This camera is impeccably designed. It is also fully waterproof and can easily be mounted on your bike handlebar or even helmet.

After hours of riding, obviously, your body would require a sort of refueling. For the best energy boost, you need to get this pack of peanut butter. It comes with delicious flavors and you can chew them during those intense rides in the wild. With this pack, you can’t go wrong.

The Crank Brother multi-tool can also make a great gift for mountain bikers. It is amazing tool and it could actually come truly in handy during those trailside repairs. Coming packed with a whopping 19 tools including wrenches, universal chain, flathead screwdrivers among others, we can say this tool can fix a lot of things. It is also durable

Going riding with those thick and bulky gloves is no fun at all. Not only can they feel a bit cumbersome, but can also make bike controlling a bit difficult. Thankfully, the introduction of Brisker Gloves has changed everything. It has been designed with enough insulation to keep your hands feeling warm without making your hand feeling bulky.

This bike pump is among the lightweight bike pumps you could lay your hands on today. It is small, but the number of things you could get with it will simply blow your mind. It can create a whopping 160PSI of pressure. It is also compatible with Presta and Schrader valves

Coming in different colors, size and also designs, these gloves are some of the most wonderful gifts for mountain bike riders. From the way they have been designed, any rider is going to fall in love with them. These gloves come equipped with reinforced fingertips and a bit of a flex zone around the knuckle areas. With that, you are going to enjoy one of the most sensitive and great brake control.

For any mountain bike riders, comfort while riding comes first before anything else. This biking underwear can really make an ideal option for them. It is designed for comfort and thanks to its Spandex and Polyester construction, a rider can be sure of quick-dry features.

We all know; a helmet is for protection and safety all through. However, who said it doesn’t have to be stylish. If you are looking at striking both style and amazing protection, from those life-threatening crashes; this POC helmet will make a perfect gift for a mountain bike. It is also incredibly comfortable and well ventilated.

For any serious mountain biker, A Camelback Hydropack can make a great addition to your mountain biking gear. It comes with extra storage space for a wide range of gear. It also provides an amazing reservoir to help you carry water everywhere you need with so much ease.

Most riders love taking videos and photos using their phones while they are out there in the wild. At times, this device can fall into the dirt. For great protection from dents and also dirt, you need this incredible phone case. The Lifeproof case will in many ways make the best present you can get for a friend today.

This tire does come with a 2.25-inch width, but what it can do will simply blow your mind off. It can roll really fast and can give you the much-needed comfort and also control when you are riding. It is tubeless and that also makes for easy inflation. Get this tire for one of your favorite riders today and they will love it.

It is true most mountain bikers want to be hands-free when they are speeding, but would still want to catch a glimpse of the map on their phones, especially when it comes to a new route. For that reason, this phone holder will be their ideal option. It comes with a double-sided mechanism that can securely hold your phone for the entire time.

For riders who often hit some of the wettest and muddiest trails all through the year, a nice pair of socks will come in handy. This is where these socks come in. Made from polyester and nylon, these socks are totally waterproof and also breathable. With them, riders will not have to deal with numbness anymore.

This jacket is another amazing gift that will have your favorite mountain bike rider feeling happy.  It is a multi-use jacket and can be used in a number of ways; as an active jacket or even as a biking jacket. It is incredibly soft and the built-in permeability film offers the best water and windproof features.

The kind of pedals your bike comes with is essential. It is one thing that can decide if you are going to enjoy the ride or not. This RaceFace pedal can make some great pedal for any serious biker. They are incredibly tough. Plus, they offer impeccable traction and grip action. It will make your ride quite enjoyable.

Those traditional torque wrenches can be bulky and quite heavy for most riders. However, there is no way you can go riding without them. However, the coming in of Lezyne Torque’s Drive Tool can help you keep things as lightweight as possible. This is a sleek gift box that can help any rider with tons of attachment for virtually any mid-ride tweaks.

After going for days and days riding, especially during those cold seasons, your bike will need the perfect bike cleaner. The Muc-off cleaner makes the best option. You can use it to maintain your bike’s drivetrain throughout the winter conditions.

Bikers, pretty much like other sports out there, love to track their progress.  This Polar sports watch can be an amazing gift to them. With the watch, they can do quite a number of things. For example, they can use it when training and also sync their training. This sports watch can track a range of data including distance, altitude and also riding pace.

For any mountain biker with a Garmin GPS, getting them a heart rate monitor is definitely the best gift they could get today. This monitor does come with plenty of benefits as it allows them to take their training a notch higher.

Bikers need a pair of comfortable shoes. It does not only provide much-needed protection but can also help them enjoy their ride. These Shimano mountain biking shoes make an amazing pair for mountain bikers. They are well built and coming made of rubber soles; that provide the much-needed traction for pedaling and also walking.

When riding, you need to keep your eyes on the road. There is no way you would do that so well if there is a lot of sunlight. The Oakley sunglasses are exactly what you need.  It can help you when riding in a place with light changing conditions. It comes with an interchangeable lens design. You can easily swap out the lens for any changing light intensities.

Despite coming with an incredibly compact size, this enduro bag can make a great biking gear for any enduro enthusiast. This storage bag is both water and wind-resistant. It also comes with a slim body and a big opening to accommodate plenty of your exercise essentials.

This headlamp is an incredible gift for cyclists, climber and also hikers. This little headlamp can be used in a number of areas. It comes equipped with a dimming, red night and flashing modes. It can also shine so well in remote and proximity modes. The best part, you can transition between all these modes with so much ease.

When you are out there, weather can turn in a twinkle of an eye and evening draws. You will need some light to keep the trail well light up as you keep your weekend of adventure alive. For you to achieve all that, you need the Exposure MK12 Headlight. You can easily mount it on your helmet and have those dark trails well lit up even during the darkest night.

After hours and hours of riding, any rider would definitely need to rehydrate. Is there any other better way to guzzle any cold liquid from than from this tumbler? It is a great stainless vessel that can help you guzzle that cold beer when you are in the wild without any problem 

Mountain biking is an art that you can develop after years of learning and practice. The mastering mountain bike skills can surely make a great addition to any rider who wishes to sharpen their mountain biking skills. Developed by Brisk Lope, this copy will help any rider develop great power and most importantly precision through a wide range of skills outlined in the booklet.

When you are riding as a group and you maintain a huge gap, definitely you would want to share the whole experience with the world. If you don’t want to have those shaky videos, this Rylo camera is a must-have by any serious mountain bike ride. It is a very tiny camera and can film in 360.  It also offers the most stable images you could get today.

Ask any mountain biker and they will tell you they need a helmet that feels safe as they navigate through those serious trails and terrains. It can protect any rider from those sweat-breaking stunts.

For riders who love listening to their favorite tunes and still wouldn’t want to deal with those long wires running all over, the Bose SoundSport is the headphones they could go riding with today. They have been designed with comfort in mind and with it; you can actually connect to any mobile device via Bluetooth or even NFC pairing. You can also control volume and even track selection with so much ease.

If you are looking for gloves to surprise your mountain bike fellow ride today, these Fox Racing gloves is all you need. They provide the much-needed total control of the bike and a very comfortable feel. They are also durable so you can be sure of years and years of use.

Having everything packed for long days of riding can be quite difficult. It is incredibly easy to forget some of the essentials, especially if the bag you are using is quite small. For riders who would want to have everything with them while in the wild, the Silica Bag will be a more practical option. 

For serious mountain bikers, there is nothing full filing as opening a cold soda after that hot ride. For that very reason, this cooler will make an amazing gift for any rider. It is an easy way to keep cold and carry your drinks anywhere you go.

Coming with an ergonomic design, this water bottle has just made things much better for cyclists. For bikers who go for hours and hours, obviously, they will need a sip of cold water after those hot rides. This bottle can keep your water feeling cold for hours thanks to its double-walled insulation. Its self-sealing jet valve cap will ensure there is no spillage as you sip your water.

For mountain bikers who love taking their coffee anywhere they go, this mug is a must-have. Created from stoneware, this mug comes with other incredible features like a 3D bike chain design and a silver-painted hand finish.

For mountain biking, a great pair of shoes is a must-have. Apart from spending most of your time on a bike, at times,  you will be forced to make those technical climbs or descents, For that, you need a very comfortable shoe and Fizik shoes is all you need. This shoe comes with a very stiff sole and that alone will ensure no energy is lost.

The best bike chain lock you can use to secure your mountain bike. It is also quite versatile and can be used to secure two bikes at a go. It will truly make the best gift for mountain bikers

Maintaining biking is quite demanding, and after hours of those gruesome riding, you will need some energy boost. That is where this energy drink comes in. 

It is really not such a bad idea to have your hydration pack reservoir right at the comfort of your hand when you are on your bike. With that, there is no way you would go wrong with this product. It cannot only help you have that cold sip of water when you are riding but is also incredibly easy to clean.

With a capacity of 4 bikes, this particular hitch-mounted bike rack can be quite useful for any mountain bike enthusiast. It is also incredibly easy to assemble; with the whole process taking about 5 minutes or even less.

For riders who are going to ride for hours and even when darkness sets in, these front and tail lights will be a more practical gift. They offer much-needed visibility. Plus, they are also fully waterproof.

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