Hanwag Tatra GTX Shoes Review

The Hanwag Tatra GTX shoes was reviewed during two itinerant hikes in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Review after 13 days of walking! 

Characteristics of the tested product

  • Type tested product: Outdoor Shoes (hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing …)
  • Composition: waxed nubuck leather upper with reduced seams
  • Seasonality: 3 seasons
  • Gender: Man
  • Membrane: Gore-Tex®
  • Sole: Vibram® AW Integral
  • Colors: Uncle blue – navy – brown – dark gray – black
  • 2 years warranty
  • Maintenance: http://bergpost.hanwag.de/
  • Price: 279$

Test conditions

  • Test places: Tour Beaufortain and Massif du Néouvielle
  • Activities: Hiking
  • Ecosystem: Mountain
  • Test duration (number of days): 13 days
  • Weather conditions: Warm and sunny weather in the Beaufortain – alternating sun and rain in the Néouvielle

Ecological footprint

  • Location of manufacture: Croatia
  • Recycled product: No
  • Recyclable packaging: Yes
  • Recyclable product: No
  • Recovery by the manufacturer: Yes
  • Environmental policy and commitments of the brand: https://www.hanwag.com/born-in-bavaria/

Disclaimer: “I” refer to the actual shoes user reviewer, i did just translate it for you.


Hanwag Tatra GTX Shoes Review

Manufacturer of outdoor shoes since 1921, Hanwag is a German brand that has a good reputation among passionate practitioners but is still relatively unknown to the general public.

I tested the Tatra GTX color “Navy” from the Trek collection on two itinerant hikes in the Alps on the Tour du Beaufortain (with a bag of 16/18 kg) and in the Néouvielle massif in the Pyrenees (with a bag of 7/10 kg). Here is my opinion after 13 days of testing.

First impressions

The Hanwag Tatra GTX is a classic looking model in nubuck leather, Vibram sole and Gore-Tex® membrane. The colors are neutral and blend well with nature.

We are dealing with a shoe that seems robust, with little seam and not too heavy compared to its design.

The model is made in Croatia.

Comfort and protection of the shoe 4.5 / 5

Hanwag offers this model in three widths of feet (“narrow”, “standard” and “wide”). I tested the standard footwear.

I left on the tour of Beaufortain without having actually worn the Tatra GTX before. It was a big mistake because the first two stages are quite long in kilometers and little “rolling”. Result: a blister appeared quickly in the heel. It should have been enough time for the shoe to be on my feet. Because once the blister appeared, I have never had a problem of comfort.

I would say that Tatra GTX are more comfortable on rough terrain. They were very comfortable in the Neouvielle and Beaufortain, a little less on the part with more “walks”.
The footwear is rather universal and will suit many feet.

“Shock Absorber” technology helps relieve heels and cushion impacts on the ground.

A toe guard at the front and back of the foot and a side protection band perfectly protect the feet.

Foot support and lacing 5/5

The lacing is very good although I sometimes had difficulty passing the lace in the most lateral eyelet.

The foot maintenance is just excellent. The shoe block is of great stability. It’s a real pleasure to have the Tatra GTX on a slope or uneven terrain.

The back of the model is not too high allowing a dynamic unwinding of strides.

Sole 5/5

The Vibram® AW Integral sole is semi-rigid. It adheres perfectly and is little used after 13 days of walking. The hook is excellent.

I have always been absolutely confident, including on slippery ground on rainy days in the Néouvielle.

Note that the Tatra GTX can be reparable. This is an excellent point for extending the life of shoes.

Waterproofness / breathability 4/5

Waterproof side, it is a faultless. Whether it’s during creek crossings or days of walking in the rain, my feet have never been wet. The Gore-Tex® membrane fulfills its role perfectly.

On the breathability side, Hanwag has developed a system that improves air circulation by pumping at the tongue when walking. Overall breathability is good except on hot days. On the Tour du Beaufortain, I walked in temperatures of 30°C in the shade. There, I must admit you. I sweated feet well. But with a Nubuck stem, how could it be otherwise?


  • Quality of manufacture – 100%
  • Comfort – 85%
  • Foot protection – 100%
  • Foot support – 90%
  • Sole – 90%
  • Waterproofness – 100%
  • Breathability – 80%
  • Weight – 60%

My opinion : 88%

The Hanwag Tatra GTX is an excellent shoe model for trekking. The model is particularly effective on rough terrain. I recommend them!

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