Hanwag Yukon Shoes : review after 10 days of walking! 

The Hanwag Yukon shoes was reviewed during hikes in the Alps and the Pyrenees. After 10 days of walking, this is my review! 

Characteristics of the tested product

  • Type tested product: Outdoor Shoes (hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing …)
  • Composition: Nubuck leather upper with reduced seams (one piece of leather)
  • Description: Hiking shoes, long trek. Entirely in leather, without waterproof membrane, very breathable.
  • Seasonality: 3 seasons
  • Gender: Man
  • Membrane: No membrane
  • Sole: Vibram® Fuora
  • Colors: dark gray, brown, black
  • 2 years warranty
  • Care: Leather grease
  • Price: $168.92 – $964.86

Test conditions

  • Test locations: Pyrenees, Maurienne and Vercors Dromois
  • Activities: Hiking
  • Ecosystem: Mountain
  • Test duration (number of days): 10
  • Weather conditions: Very hot weather in southern Vercors – Snowy in Maurienne – Beautiful and dry in Val d’Aran

Ecological footprint

  • Location of manufacture: Germany
  • Recycled product: No
  • Recyclable packaging: NSP
  • Recyclable product: NSP
  • Recovery by the manufacturer: NSP

Disclaimer: “I” refer to the actual shoes user reviewer, i did just translate it for you.

Hanwag Yukon Footwear Field Test

Founded in 1921 by Hans Wagner, HanWag is a German brand. One of his brothers will create Lowa a few years later. The brand manufactures its products exclusively in Europe with two manufacturing sites in Germany and Croatia. I tested the Yukon Dark Gray color model from the Trek collection on two touring hikes in the Alps and Pyrenees as well as three day hikes. Altitude between 800 and 1500 m per day, backpack between 8 and 10 kilos. Here is my opinion after 10 days of testing.

First impressions

The Hanwag Yukon is a classic model for long, all-leather treks with a minimum of stitching. The shoe looks sturdy and trimmed for long walks. It does not have a waterproof membrane, so it is not recommended for places that are too wet. The model is made in Germany.

Comfort and protection of the shoe

Hanwag offers this model in two widths of feet, standard and wide, for my part I tested the model in standard width.

From the first steps, I quickly felt the general comfort of the shoe. My first day was spent in the massif of the three Becs (Drome) in strong heat with about 1200 m altitude and more than 20 kilometers. No small sores or feelings of warmth, the feet are well protected by the toe guards and the rubber band around the shoe.

The shoe is very stable and really nice both on trails and on rough terrain.

The shoe has excellent cushioning (Shock Absorber technology) that will be a real plus on long crossings with weight on the back.

Foot support and lacing

The lacing is quite simple and complete. It allows to properly tighten the entire length of the shoe. An extra hook on the top of the tongue keeps it always at the same level.

The maintenance of the foot whether uphill and especially downhill is really excellent. After more than 1000m descent, I felt no pain on the toes or heels.

The roll of the foot is better up and down than flat, this is due to the rigidity of the shoe, fortunately the back of the neck is made of soft material (mesh type) which leaves space and flexibility at the top of the ankle.


The Vibram® Fuora sole is quite rigid which does not take any comfort. The shoe hangs well in all circumstances and you feel safe even on steep slopes.

The foot is always very comfortable and the sole is integral with the rest of the shoe for optimum stability. It was really convincing downhill with weight on the back.

After 10 days of walking and about 150 kilometers, the sole is still in good condition like the shoe in general.

Note that Yukon can be reparable. This makes it possible to increase the life of the shoe by almost twice taking into account the general wear of the shoe.

Waterproofness / breathability

The model having no impermeable membrane will have of course limits. I, for my part, was rather surprised by the impermeability. After walking in the snow for over an hour (no cold felt), crossed torrents, I did not feel moisture. For having had the old model for 5 years, I was only wet once after a day of heavy rain. The disadvantage comes rather from drying. Given the thickness of leather (more than 2.2 mm), the shoe will take more than 24 hours to dry completely, even ventilating as much as possible.

The brand does not recommend this model for wet places. I really think this model will last long enough under bad weather.

On the side of breathability, it’s happiness. The lack of membrane actually allows the feet to breathe. This is often the disadvantage of membranes that cause heating as soon as the temperature exceeds 25 ° C.


  • Quality of manufacture – 95%
  • Comfort – 95%
  • Foot protection – 90%
  • Foot support – 90%
  • Sole – 85%
  • Waterproofness – 70%
  • Breathability – 80%
  • Weight – 65%

My opinion : 84%

The Hanwag Yukon shoes will be appreciated for long treks with big backpacks. For some they will be too rigid and too heavy, for others they will recall the mountaineering shoes but much more comfortable. I highly recommend this model to those who want to travel long distances.

NB: The shoes being leather, it is very important to take care of it from time to time. It is advisable to feed them with wax. After a cleaning of the shoe, apply with a fabric a dab of wax on all the leather and let dry. The leather will keep its shine and a certain impermeability. I practice the operation 2/3 times a year.


After several months
The shoes are still in very good condition. I walked with until the first snows of November before moving on to winter shoes. I highly recommend this model for long hikes in rather dry terrain.

Strong points

  • Quality of manufacture
  • Foot protection
  • Absolute comfort
  • Fastening of the sole
  • Breathability / waterproofness ratio
  • Reparable shoes
Weak points

  • Price quite high, but what quality
  • The relatively high weight
  • Drying time

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