Hiking for singles

You are single ? Did you know that hiking can help you meet people? Whether you’re on a solo adventure or joining a “special singles” trip, hiking is a great way to meet new people! Hiking as singles: here is my guide!

Hiking, a hobby that lends itself to meetings

When we go walking, we leave behind the stress and demands of everyday life. And guess what? Immersion in nature, relaxation and a return to basics are conducive to creating a state of mind favorable to the encounter!

And if the atmosphere of some places first appointments can be uncomfortable, hiking on the other hand always happens in a relaxed way  !

Also note that you will never be out of conversation topics while hiking. Crossing the plains or climbing the highest mountains, hikers can easily engage in a conversation about the destination, weather or wildlife of the area.

The hike could become the next sport for singles ! Not only is walking good for you, but hiking can also be a unique opportunity to meet new people with whom to share beautiful moments.

First solo hike

Hiking is a booming activity. Forget about the clichés of the old hiker, who walks with his binoculars and his sticks! More and more young people rediscover hiking as an individual sport. So you can find on the trails more and more young hikers who go solo.

If you are single, solo trekking is a great way to meet new people! By leaving alone, you will also have to stay in guest houses, and go out in pubs and local restaurants … so many additional opportunities to engage the conversation with new people!

Singles Hike: Going as a group

Today we find more and more offers of “special single” stays. Going on a hike with singles sharing the same passion, it creates immediately a want in you, no ? The promise ? Explore new trails with other solo hikers, and have fun.

Hiking together is an interesting way to approach new people. Playing sports together is definitely creating a bond with two. And above all, you already know that you have a passion in common : hiking!

Singles Hike: A Romantic Setting

The hiking trails will always make you discover places of great beauty. Steep cliffs, deep forests or majestic mountain ranges … hiking always provides a romantic feeling  !

Perfect for a meeting ! These beautiful landscapes create a deep sense of well being and peace. They open the mind to belonging to the world and make it possible to connect to it. So alone or accompanied, nature provides a fabulous setting … and romantic!

Singles Hike : Common Passions

And those who do not find love will certainly find friendship on the trails! Share activities with people who also love nature created in all cases strong links.

Do not miss the friendliness of other hikers in mountain huts or lodging  !

In conclusion, the singles hike is an experience to try! Get started! I hope you find the soul mate on the trails

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