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28 Top Mountain Biking Gear List

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you have been riding a bike for decades, there are a couple of things you need to have before you set out.  Most of these don’t only ensure you enjoy your ride all through, but others can also offer a sort of safety and protection throughout the entire ride. Here are my top mountain biking gears you need to keep with you at all times.

Questions to ask yourself before you decide on what to go with

Truth be told, we have a vast array of mountain biking gears and items and clearly, there is no way you are going to carry each item with you. To help you prioritize what to take with you and what to leave back at home, you need to factor in the following.

  • What is the purpose? This probably should be the very first question you need to ask yourself. What does the gear do? What are some of the areas you might need the gear to help you?
  • Is it essential? Can you do things without it? Since you are not going to have everything packed for that trip, you need to figure out what you need and what you don’t. There are biking gears and items you don’t need and you can do without. So prioritize starting with what you can’t do with all the way to those you would rarely use.
  • What is your budget? The amount of money you are willing to put on these gears will also decide what you are going to take with you. For example, if you can afford two jackets, you can get two; one for cold conditions and the other one for those hot rides.




There are clothing specifically designed for such activities. As a biker, you might want to ensure, you go with the right clothing.


They are not like those traditional shorts we are used to. They come made from materials that improve your comfort while you are riding.



Although most people don’t like the idea of wearing a pair of gloves, they truly can come in handy when biking. They help protect your hands from friction and vibration, especially when handling those technical trails and terrains. Gloves can also help protect your hand in case of a crash.



As with any other outdoor activity, you can’t just imagine the number of useful benefits you can get from a short sleeve jersey. It comes with snag-free sweat-wicking features. They also come with pockets where you can stash some of your valuables.



Sunglasses are not only meant for professional racers but also mountain biking enthusiasts. These gadgets can help protect your eyes from intense sunlight and also small rocks and dust that can get into your eyes.



If you know you are going to visit one of the coldest areas out of town, you need to keep yourself warm. There is no better way than with the use of a thermal jacket. These types of jackets can keep you worm even when the temperature falls below zero.



How you protect your feet when you are riding is important and must be well taken care of when you are choosing the right gear for your next ride. Our feet suffer the most when it comes to technical rides and you might want to make sure they get the best footwear.


When it comes to footwear, shoes come right at the top of the list. The best mountain bike shoes allow you to achieve secure and stable riding on flat or clip pedals. Here you need to look for a great fit. It must also come with snag-free lacing system.



Just like those traditional socks, we are all used to, you can’t imagine what you can net from the best mountain biking socks. They help keep your feet feeling dry and comfortable all through your ride. For this, you need to look for nice fabric and also right fit.



Pretty much like thermal jackets, with the best thermal shoe covers, you can’t go wrong even when you are in a cold area. These cover help keep your feet warm as you enjoy those crazy rides in winter.




Pretty much obvious, but it is just surprising how most people go out riding without. Get a decent helmet and you will be protected from those life-threatening head injuries in case of a road crash.



Truth be told, things can get really crazy out there; and you can get involved incrash. It is because of this you need to get the best elbow and knee pad. These pads will help protect your joints in case of a road crash.



You can be in the dark and if you don’t have the right biking lights; you can end up be stranded in the wild. So for better trail visibility and also your own safety, you need the best mountain bike lights. It is an essential item, especially if you know you are going to ride for hours with likelihood of being got up in the dark.



Accidents do happen and at times you may find yourself involved in a crash. A first aid kit can come truly in handy. However, ensure it comes in one waterproof package. Some of the things you need to ensure it has include, bandages, disinfecting wipes, gauze and tweezers



Mountain biking, pretty much like any other outdoor activity like hiking, requires you to be well equipped when it comes to navigation. For this, you need the following devices before you could actually set out with your bike


This device does play a key role when you are out there in the wild. You can use it to find your way around the wild. You can also use it to plan your routes upfront. When buying this device you need to look for great battery life and also ease of use.



These can come truly in handy when you are visiting a new area. With them, you can easily find route or even plan routes to take upfront. Ideally, when choosing what to go for, you might need to go for colored maps. They should also come with a detailed description.




You might be lured by those cheap water bottles, but those can’t carry enough water. If you know you are going to ride for hours or even days, the best hydration system will make a lot of sense.  You can get the kind of capacity depending on the length of your trips and what you can afford.



Your body will need refueling after those gruesome rides, and this is where food comes in. Since you can’t cook while you are out there; packing a few snacks is the best things you can do.




Even if you have a spare tube, at times you may be forced to use all of them after a series of flat tires. There is where a patch kit will come into play when you are hit by a flat tire and you have used all of your spare tubes. With this kit, you will be able to repair your damaged tube.

mountain bike flat tire repaire kit

mountain bike flat tire repair kit



Obviously, a spare tire and a patch kit are useless if you don’t have a pump. Although you can choose to go with a CO2 inflator, a mini pump is a very much better option. It can get you back in the road in no time and you can use it virtually everywhere.



Although you will find this tool in most multi-tools we have in the market, they are not as great as we would want them to be. So if you can buy it separately for your next trip that would make a lot of sense. With this tool, you can have your tire repaired with some much ease.



At no time should you leave home without a decent multi tool? Some of the tools you need to ensure they are included are a chain tool, flathead screwdrivers, most common spoke tool size, 8mm Allen keys, and a T25 torx.



You can’t even start to outline the benefits of decent chain lube. When you are doing those serious cross country biking activities, obviously you will have to deal with dusty trails or even experienced some light shower, and this is where the chain lube will come into the picture. You can have your bike chain lubed and function optimally even in some of the toughest weather conditions



Even if your bike is brand new, some issues on some of the parts may arise and for that, you need to be well prepared for any eventualities. Here are some of the things you need to have before you take that long ride lasting for hours or even days.



Things can happen out there and you are hit by a flat tire. At no time should you go out riding without a spare tube. Ideally, you are advised to pack at least two of them



You can actually use this to make a few replacements in case you are hit by a broken link in the middle of the ride. It will allow you to continue with your journey back home.



You can even start to imagine what this device can do. Bending or breaking up of your derailleur hanger is one of the most common accidents out there. Ensure you have a spare hanger if you don’t want to end up being stranded out there.



Ask any serious mountain biker today and they will all tell you how they have to deal with chainring bolts issues on numerous occasions. They rattle loose at times. So keeping a spare in the pack might come truly in handy.



There are not really a must, but if you have them in your pack, they can actually make your trip quite enjoyable.


Weather, at times, can get really crazy, and if you know you are going to spend most of your time in the mountain, a lightweight packable shell is all you need. It will keep you dry and warm in aces you are rained on



Even if you know the weather is going to be cloudy, the best sunscreen is what you might need to bring a long with you. It can protect you from those serious sunburns among other skin conditions.



This is for the ladies, but men can also find this thing very useful. A great lip balm can help you in a great deal when the weather gets really dry. After all who would want to walk around with that cracked lips?

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