Photo Essay: Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment

Photo Essay: Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment

On June 14 and 15, the Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment was held in the Presidio of San Francisco, which is a National Park within the city—and what an honor to spend the day in this gorgeous place AND CAMP within its city limits! Besides the amazing views, my favorite part was meeting more people who are just as passionate about fostering a more inclusive and diverse outdoors focused on women.


#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. -

Your email has likely been taken over by news of sales, the latest products, and overall holiday craziness this past week! Well, let's take a step back and focus on making an impact this holiday season on #GivingTuesday.

We have created a little #GivingTuesday Gift Guide that includes some of the amazing nonprofits we have either personally supported this year and/or whose mission we deeply value.  They all are doing their part to either improve the lives of women and girls, protect our planet and public lands, and make the outdoors a more inclusive space. 

I hope you will join us in Giving this Tuesday! Happy Holidays! 

Supporting Women and Girls

International Medical Corps


Outdoor Women’s Alliance

WINGS WorldQuest

Supporting Environmental Efforts


Protect Our Winters

Sierra Club

3 Petitions You Can Sign Today to Protect Public Lands

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the Outdoors

Latino Outdoors

Outdoor Afro

Hike It Baby

Big City Mountaineers

You, Me, Obama, and Conservation

It's no doubt President Obama will leave a conservation legacy with the fact he has already designated 24 new national monuments and a total of 265 million acres of protected land during his presidency.

Before President Obama leaves office, there is still some work to be done. There are at least 3 other areas that are candidates for national monument designation or conservation. The areas of the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage, Bears Ears, and Gold Butte provide connectivity on the South Rim and between Grand Canyon National Park across the Arizona Strip.

Just as humans use highways that span state and national boundaries for many essential purposes, wildlife needs Wildways to travel the distances required to find a mate, to breed and to keep genetic variability strong.
Wildways are constructed by protecting core areas connected to one another by corridors or linkages. They  are essentially mosaics of connected public and private lands that provide habitat and safe passageways for wildlife to travel freely from place to place.- Wildlands Network

While we can all sit back and hope these areas are protected by January, we can also take action and DO SOMETHING about it. 


We hope this week everyone takes some time to #OptOutside. Nature has healing properties that can make all the craziness happening in the world come to a halt and give perspective. We need nature and these sacred places more than they need us. This week/month so many of us focus our attention on what we are grateful for. In giving thanks for places that inspire us and make us want more out of life, let's show them our gratitude and do our part to make sure they are protected for future generations to come. 

Learn more about these sacred places and what you, me, and President Obama can do to protect them:


Despite decades of efforts to protect the Greater Grand Canyon region, mounting threats from toxic uranium mining and the loss of old-growth forest continue to put water quality, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities at risk.

More than a half million people have pledged support for creating a national monument on lands near Grand Canyon National Park and poll after poll shows overwhelming support for efforts to reduce threats in the region. Working together with Native American tribes, local business owners and officials, and those who recreate and value public lands, there is an opportunity to protect the region for future generations.

Read about our founder's visit to The Greater Grand Canyon Heritage.



TWEET: People across the country are banding together to save #GrandCanyonHeritage. Join NOW:




The proposed Bears Ears National Monument is a place rich in history and culture. It is a place to connect, a place to heal, and a place where Native American Traditional Knowledge can be explored and nurtured so that it continues to inform and illuminate modern life. The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, a consortium of five sovereign Indian nations—the Hopi, Navajo, Uintah & Ouray Ute, Ute Mountain Ute, and Zuni—has formally petitioned President Barack Obama to proclaim the Bears Ears National Monument in order to protect this extraordinary area for our Tribes, all Native people, and the nation.

The proposed 1.9 million acre monument is a landscape of deep, carved canyons, long mesas, inspiring arches, and arresting red rock formations. The monument’s namesake, the Bears Ears, are twin buttes in the heart of the landscape that rise high above the piñon-juniper forests and canyons that adorn the renowned and majestic Cedar Mesa. It lies in Southern Utah, north of the Navajo Nation and the San Juan River, east of the Colorado River, and west of the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation. Bears Ears is adjacent to Canyonlands National Park and is every bit the equal of Canyonlands and the other great parks and monuments of the Colorado Plateau. 


1.9 million acres of unprotected lands | 100,000+ archaeological sites | 26 Tribes support protecting lands within Bears Ears | 18 Wilderness Study Areas and Inventoried Roadless Areas | One Full-time law enforcement officer*



3. GOLD BUTTE national Monument- NEVADA

Only a few hours from the bright lights of Las Vegas is a wild desert landscape of spectacular geology and world class cultural and historic treasures which offer us a window into the past. Gold Butte – Nevada’s piece of the Grand Canyon – is beloved by Nevadans and visitors from throughout the country and the world who come to hike, camp, hunt, bike, ride ATVs on designated routes, climb, explore cultural and historical sites, and otherwise enjoy the great outdoors.

But Gold Butte is currently threatened by landscape degradation and vandalism of the region’s valuable cultural and historical resources.  We need meaningful protections so that Americans can continue to experience this special place for generations to come.



We thank President Obama for all of his incredible work in conservation over the past 8 years. We now ask that he please designate these additional national monuments to ensure that these magnificent parts of our nation may be passed down to future generations.

Rumbling for America’s Greatest Athletes

This past September, our founder at Altitude Seven, Georgina Miranda, had the honor of speaking at the RumbleX-The 1st Annual Conservation Athlete Rendezvous, presented by Kahtoola, Inc., led by Wildlands Network and supported by Grand Canyon Wildlands CouncilSierra Cluband Center for Biological Diversity, at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Brand ambassador athletes and their friends and family, were joined by event organizers, outdoor industry brand representatives, leading conservationists and other spirited supporters for a weekend of conservation advocacy training, fellowship, and outdoor exploration. We learned about the threats to the Grand Canyon’s watershed, its role as a critical wildlife corridor, and actionable steps we can all take that will lead to permanent protection of the area through the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument. While many lives are at risk in this area, for now we share the story of the Mountain Lion, arguably one of America’s greatest Athletes and most persecuted cat.

By: John Davis |Contributor and Editor: Georgina Miranda

She can outrun Usain Bolt. She can match the grace and agility of Simone Biles, the power and precision of Venus Williams. She can out-jump Michael Jordan, out-climb Chris Sharma. She could shred the best mixed-martial-arts fighters … but she never would. She shies away from conflict. She journeys often alone and widely, but will give her life to save her family. Too often she must do so, for she is Puma concolor, also known as Cougar, Panther, or Mountain Lion — most powerful, but also most persecuted cat in temperate North America. One of our country’s greatest athletes.

The hunting season in Arizona allows unlimited tags with a bag limit of one mountain lion per hunter per year. Occasionally, bag limits are increased in limited areas for the purpose of management or research.

She has often been a symbol for things wild, powerful and free. She has lent her name and image to Puma athletic shoes, the Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions and other sports teams, computer programs, and many other businesses — few of which have given her anything in return. Indeed, she remains unprotected from guns and traps across most of the West, and has been nearly eliminated from the East. She needs big wild interconnected places to survive, but equally important, she needs us to accept her. Pumas, like most big wild animals, need wild cores, corridors, and co-existence. They need for us to give them space and to welcome them home.

That is what fifty of us conservation athletes, biologists, naturalists, and wildlife advocates, representing groups and businesses varying in size from Grand Canyon Wildlands Council to Patagonia, aimed to do with our recent rendezvous on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our goals are many and include:

  • Expanding and better protecting public lands
  • Encouraging quiet, muscle-powered recreation and wildways exploration
  • Getting more people outside and out in wild places-ALL PEOPLE- young and old and across all demographics. Nature is for everyone.
  • Reforming wildlife management so that it serves all native species, not just “game” species
  • Most ambitiously, reversing the extinction and climate crises

Like Puma, then, we range widely; but also like Puma, we focus when necessary on a specific target. Sometimes that may be winning a back-country ultra-marathon or putting in a first ascent. This time it is protecting enough habitat on America’s public lands so that Puma and her family are safe.

The tangible goal for this first annual Conservation in Motion gathering, dubbed RumbleX to foreshadow the growing roar that conservation athletes are sounding for wild places, was to complete the protection of one of Earth’s most spectacular landscapes, the Grand Canyon. We wildland athletes, activists, scientists and countless friends, are all collaborating to convince President Obama to declare a Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, to buffer Grand Canyon National Park from harmful activities like uranium mining and logging of old-growth forests — both of which have been occurring on or near the Kaibab Plateau, even on public lands adjacent to the Park.

Photo courtesy of Danny Giovale

Our RumbleX gathering confirmed for us and others the urgent need to finish the security work begun during the administration of Teddy Roosevelt, who declared the National Monument that became Grand Canyon National Park, one of our nation’s crown jewels. Many of us already had beloved experiences with this place, while others created new lifelong memories at this event. Some of us had hiked from deep canyons to the lofty rim, roughly tracing routes used by Puma following their Mule Deer prey — in lands as spectacular as the National Park, but unprotected. The hikers confirmed ample prey and cover for Puma on their traverse, and were lucky enough to see a smaller cousin of Puma, Bobcat, crossing a high ledge cross-canyon.

Photo courtesy of Danny Giovale

Some, including tribal leaders and legendary ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek and Kahtoola founder Danny Giovale, ran South Rim to North Rim, in little more time than it takes one collared Puma to do the same — with the notable advantage of running trails, whereas the great cat does the traverse off-trail and off-bridge.

One esteemed conservation athlete, Georgina Miranda, founder of Altitude Seven, was lucky enough to see the glowing eyes of a Puma at night, as she had hiked the Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon starting on the South Rim in 19 hours on her R2R2R Sufferfest challenge back in 2008. The challenge consisted of give or take 46 miles and 10,000 feet of elevation gain.

Georgina Miranda as she set off to hike the Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon in 2008 in 20 hours or less.

Other conservation athletes experienced this place for the first time, but after epic runs, climbs or rides through this wild country, it was no doubt that this is home and should be home to America’s greatest athletes, such as our regarded Puma.

We all felt empowered and emboldened by our time on the North Rim, imagining ourselves Puma or Lobo or Goshawk or Apache Trout or Monkey Grasshopper or endemic butterfly. “We may not be as well funded or politically-connected as our land-despoiling opponents, but we can run them into the ground!” said one RumbleX participant.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Reinhart

Our RumbleX tribe all agreed it was a roaring success, one to be repeated next year on the southeastern end of the proposed Aldo Leopold (or Mogollon Plateau) Wildlife Corridor. By then, if enough of us-tribal members, athletes, scientists, and countless friends across North America have spoken out, we will have achieved our goal of a Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, honoring all native residents, from several human tribes and thousands of wild species. Puma and her family will enjoy greater homeland security, and we will be piecing back together a wildway all along the Spine of the Continent, the Rocky Mountains, for wide-ranging animals, four-legged, two-legged, finned, feathered, and furred.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Reinhart

3 Ways to rumble for the Grand Canyon and wildlife far and wide:

  2. TWEET: People across the country are banding together to save #GrandCanyonHeritage. Join NOW:
  3. STAY INFORMED…Learn More


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SHE VENTURES. Verb? Adjective?

Actually a little of both with lots of energy and sass.

Kind of like that friend who takes control of a boring night and gets everyone fired up and out the door. The one who won’t let you hit the snooze button when there’s a peak to summit before sunrise.

I was psyched when Kristen asked me to join her at the SHE VENTURES event in Boulder last week. A chance to connect with a lifelong friend, plus something with the word adventure in the title, and I’m in.

Equally important, the event would give me a chance to step back and take stock, while being inspired by women who are out there forging ahead when it comes to getting outside, pushing limits, and turning a passion into a business.

Unfortunately The Brave Ski Mom’s schedule didn’t cooperate but I headed up the road to Boulder along with another favorite adventure pal, both of us excited about connecting with female leaders in the outdoor industry.



The night’s presentations were anchored by SHE VENTURES co-founders Georgina Miranda of Altitude Seven and Jen Gurecki of Coalition Snow.

Wanna be inspired and fired-up? Invite these two out for coffee. Or drinks. Or better yet, hit the trail with them.

SHE VENTURES events were held in 6 cities over the past several months and in each case, Miranda and Gurecki included local/regional entreprenuers who are blazing trails. Joining the two in Boulder were Darcy Conover of Corbeaux Clothing, Alissa Sears of adVenturesAcademy and Irene Vilar of the Americas Latino Eco Festival.

Each shared a bit about their current endeavors, what inspires them, and how they have forged a trail in a world that still tends to be dominated by decision-makers with that Y chromosome.

Things are looking up indeed after listening to these five leaders.

Between the presentations, the chance to ask questions, and the opportunity to check out products and learn more about the companies in attendance, the night was energizing.

And, the icing on the cake?

Several unique gear packages were raffled off at the end of the night with all proceeds benefitting Latino Outdoors.

SHE VENTURES has done similar raffles to benefit a local not-for-profit focused on women and the outdoors in each of the previous cities where the events have been held.   My friend Tracy was one of the lucky winners.

Check out the SHE VENTURES page when you have a chance as well as the speakers. Heck, check out the speakers from the other cities that hosted SHE VENTURES as well.

And most importantly: get outside. Make your own adventure.

As one of these remarkable women reminded us, we are all in charge of our own destiny. The only barriers truly out there are the ones we put in front of ourselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is within each of us, but we need to surround ourselves with the right balance of inspiration, support and guidance.

I hope we all have more SHE VENTURES in the months and years to come.

She Ventures: Female Motivational Speakers

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Login to Instagram or Facebook, and the influential female adventurers who are leading the industry of outdoor-adventure-travel are setting mega precedents. Pro skier Kalen Thorien–featured on Womens Movement in 2013–ultrarunner Krissy Moehl, and pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani, to name a few.

On the broader scale, women comprise half of the entire population of participants in the outdoors, and those numbers have rested at the fifty-fifty mark since at least 2007, according to the Outdoor Foundation’s most recent August 2016 report.

Herein lies the issue: all achievement and participation aside, women still fall below that halfway mark in the outdoor industry’s decision-making roles, leadership status and in media direction.

As the cultural shift continues, entrepreneur Georgina Miranda—who authored a recent article with the aforementioned stat and sentiment—is on the forefront to help.

Miranda founded the She Ventures motivational speaking tour, set to launch this month. Offering a motivational, educational stage, communities can now hear directly from the inspirational female leaders, adventurers and founders who are impacting the outdoor and adventure travel industry.

“The idea of an ‘adventurer’ is still largely associated with men…we are changing the face of adventure, one city at a time, simply by coming together. She Ventures is to inspire women to live the most adventurous version of their life—whatever that means to them—on every level of the spectrum,” said Miranda.

As the owner of Altitude Seven—an adventure lifestyle media platform that aims to inspire women—the event goes hand in hand with Miranda’s community efforts.

The pilot program sold out in three days last June, to a Bay Area audience of hundreds, and featured an impressive lineup including Hipcamp, The Camp Kit and Trail Mavens.

A central aim of the gathering is to authentically introduce women of shared passions. And audience seats are open to anyone involved in the outdoors—men, and non-outdoor industry professionals, too—welcoming all ability, skill and interest levels.

She Ventures Founder Georgina Miranda.

Each eve will feature engaged, badass speakers. Alissa Sears, Co-Founder of adVentures Academy, a hands-on adventure training program for entrepreneurs and investors. Jen Gurecki, Founder of Coalition Snow: the world’s first ski and snowboard company specializing in skis and snowboards designed by women, for women. Kim Kirchner, the first female head of ski patrol. And countless others.

“This event is incredibly inclusive. Whether you’re entrenched in the outdoor-adventure-travel industry or just a casual bystander, She Ventures is relevant and engaging, because it focuses on real women who are doing all sorts of things, from running their own business, to competing professionally, to supporting non-profits that get more girls and women outside,” said Gurecki.

The upcoming tour kicks off in Vancouver followed by stops in Seattle, Portland, New York and Boulder between September 20 and October 27.

Dive into details and tickets at

–Images courtesy of She Ventures


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If you don’t know about She Ventures, you should.

Founded by Georgina Miranda (the woman who brought us the outdoor online marketplace, Altitude Seven), She Ventures aims to connect women leaders in the outdoor industry with their communities. That confluence not only energizes the industry, but underscores the inequality of representation and lack of focus on women in the outdoors — something that Miranda hopes will galvanize change.

After a successful, sold-out event in San Francisco, She Ventures is hitting the road. In the coming weeks, She Ventures will bring together women in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Boulder. Anyone who is lucky enough to get a ticket will get a chance to meet women athletes, company founders and CEOs, thought-leaders, and pioneers in the outdoors world. She Ventures advertises TED-style talks, inspiration, and prizes galore, and based on their past events, they will definitely deliver.


But, it’s more than prizes that makes these events worthwhile. In Miranda’s own words, “Adventure has the power to changes lives. There is beauty in our strength, our courage, and our willingness to dare as women. We have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and encourage adventure as a way of life. We are changing the face of adventure one city at a time.” Visit the She Ventures site to get your tickets while you can (you may even win some Misadventures swag and subscriptions…).

Upcoming event dates:

Vancouver-September 20th

Seattle- September 21st

Portland-September 22nd

NYC-September 28th

Boulder-October 27th


SHE VENTURES-Events celebrating women that choose adventure

Adventure + Inspiration + Community

Join Us @ a She Ventures Event Near You!

The face of adventure is changing and women are driving that change. Women make up almost 50 percent of outdoor participation and leading the way in terms of solo and adventure travel, yet we still lack visibility across media outlets and leadership roles.

We knew there were amazing female founders and leaders in the outdoor and adventure travel space globally working hard to get more women outside and on adventures, yet a forum did not exist to help bring them together and raise visibility to all that they do. We found women continue to want to find new ways of connecting with other women that have a shared passion for adventure, the outdoors, and travel. It was time for us to unite, bring our communities together, welcome new community, and host events to celebrate women that choose adventure as a way of life. After all we are Changing the Face of Adventure! 

She Ventures unites leading female outdoor/adventure/travel founders and their communities to celebrate women leading the most adventurous versions of their lives! These one-night events are brought to you by Altitude Seven in collaboration with local female founders who support women in their passionate pursuit of the outdoors, adventure, and travel.

After a successful pilot event in San Francisco back in June, we are excited to announce that She Ventures will be making waves in Vancouver BC, Seattle, Portland, NYC, and Boulder by the end of October! Our next event takes us to Vancouver on September 20th at Kabuni Studio with a remarkable speaker line up including: pro skier Rosalind Groenewoud, Suzanne Solsona of My Mayu, Kate Zessel of Zessel Designs, Jen Gruecki of Coalition Snow, and Georgina Miranda of Altitude Seven.

What to expect at a She Ventures event?

  • Inspirational and informative talks
  • Authentic connections with other women
  • Snacks, drinks, and more  
  • Raffle of amazing products offered by our sponsors, benefiting a non-profit partner

They are one-of-a-kind events meant to inspire and encourage living a more adventure-filled life, while also raising the visibility of women across the outdoor, travel, and adventure industry and media as a whole.

“Adventure has the power to changes lives. There is beauty in our strength, our courage, and our willingness to dare as women. We have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and encourage adventure as a way of life. We are changing the face of adventure one city at a time.” 
-Georgina Miranda, Founder of Altitude Seven and She Ventures


Special thanks to our Venue Sponsors: VacasaGeneral Assembly, and Impact Hub.

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To register for one of our events, please visit our website with all relevant links.