Be Bold For Change

As March and Women's History Month comes to a close, the message instilled on International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange lives strong. This is a message to be celebrated year-round and each and every day. At Altitude Seven we celebrate women, all women, each and every day. We celebrate the beauty in our strength, our courage, our willingness to dare while we break out of our comfort zones in pursuit of our passions and in redefining our possibilities. 

We all have the opportunity to be bold for things we care about and have a vested interest in daily. That may be being a good steward on the trail, shopping from businesses that are sustainable, encouraging someone else to try something new that might scare them, or to overall taking a more active stance in having a voice in regards to our rights and those of other women and our environment. The point is we can all be BOLD.

Last year about this time we launched our #ChooseAdventure campaign, where we feature amazing women that have chosen adventure as a way of life, in whatever capacity that means to them. More than a campaign, it has become a movement and embedded in all of the stories we wish to share with you. It has been by far the most meaningful and inspiring opportunity thus far to collaborate with so many women from all walks of life and share their beautiful stories and why their love for adventure runs so deep. 

Adventure changes lives. Adventure makes us come alive. Adventure makes us bold. Adventure gives us a new perspective. Adventure gives us an appreciation for our natural world and why it should be protected. 

While women have not traditionally been the face of adventure so to speak in traditional media and the sports world, we will continue to change that. This is deeply embedded in our mission. Our campaign will continue and live stronger this year and we encourage you and invite you to be a part of it! Nominate yourself and/or or another badass lady that inspires you to live bigger, be bolder, and to live up to your fullest potential. 

Adventure can mean something different to each and everyone of us. That image of an "adventurer" is not a single image, it is instead a beautiful collage of each person's interpretation. Join us in changing the narrative, join us in encouraging other women to be bold, fearless, and celebrate the beauty in our strength and curiosity to explore what this world has to offer. 

Check out some of the amazing ladies we have recently featured. They inspire us to keep being bold for change today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. #ChooseAdventure