We all know Patagonia rocks and they are a constant source of inspiration! Worn Wear is just another reason to love them so much more!

Think of your most epic adventures, think of the smile it brings to your face, think of the gear that helped you on your journey-it’s special no doubt. So now Patagonia makes it easy to keep our gear around for longer, not only letting us hold on to those favorite pieces, but also minimizing our impact to the environment.

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This is one of our favorite Worn Wear Stories

Ode to a Vest. Greta Matos. Pleasant Valley, PA.

Dear Patagonia,
This vest. Oh this vest. I bought this vest in 2009, it was the first thing I bought after I finished thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. After years spent sourcing products in China and spending too much time on factory floors, I was pretty burnt out on consumerism. I also had incredibly high standards for anything that I did buy, given the lessons of the AT-that whatever you carry with you better be durable, useful, colorful. Color makes me happy, and you learn to appreciate the little things that make you happy when you have very little to begin with. I also took to only buying things that I really loved- whether it was something I needed or something I wanted, I had to love it or I wouldn’t get it. This rule was applied to everything, from clothing to shower curtains. But this vest; I don’t think I can put into words how much I love this vest. But I’ll try.
This vest has climbed countless mountains with me, it’s been to ranges in California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and I’m probably missing a whole lot more. It’s road-tripped across the continental USA twice, flown across it way more times than I can count. It’s traveled with me to Morocco, China, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica and around Europe. Winter, spring, summer and fall, it is always within arm’s reach, like an old friend you just can’t shake (in a good way). Most recently I practically lived in this vest as I drove across Chile for several months (seriously, it was like a second skin).

Now I live in southern Chile and it’s winter; most houses here don’t have insulation, but luckily I do, thanks to this vest. For only being 6 years old, this vest has seen a lot of wear. It’s dirty, even after I wash it. The color has faded, but it still pops in photos. The down has definitely found it’s way out of the seams, and yet somehow it still keeps me warm even though it has significantly less feathers in there than when I bought it. It’s been my constant companion on some of my greatest adventures. I try to give it a good life, while trying to give myself a good life too.

Thanks for making something so durable, so useful, and so colorful. I can only hope this vest lasts long enough for my kids, and maybe their kids, to enjoy it. To give it a big life, even beyond the one I give it. With WornWear repairs and duct tape, we’ll pull it off. Although, we might need to figure out a way to stuff more feathers in there, at some point  Thanks Patagonia!


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