When Women Lead-Live from Outdoor Retailer

On Thursday, July 27th, a collective of female leaders from the outdoor industry, including our founder, Georgina, shared their perspective on what it takes to be a female leader, how to overcome challenges in your journey of leadership, the importance of growing female leaders in the industry, and what the future could look like if more women were given the opportunity to lead. Women have been a part of the industry and the outdoors since the onset, we know we are not just a trend, we are here to drive growth and innovation and inclusivity. 

The statistics are bleak — only 4% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs, and women represent just 37% of the National Park Service workforce — yet our power and potential is unlimited.

Georgina, went to her first Outdoor Retailer Show in 2012, when campaigns and hashtags around women in the outdoors and adventure had not yet been created and when women were not yet "on trend". "It's been refreshing to see the change and proud to be one of the women pioneering the effort to build more inclusivity for all women who work and/or play outside," Georgina says. 

In case you missed this incredible panel on FB Live, watch it now! 

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