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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 120 Review (10’ SUP) – 2021


  • Durable construction
  • Rigid board
  • Speedy board that glides well
  • Lighter woven drop-stitch core compared to the previous year model
  • Lighter paddle compared to the previous year model
  • High-quality accessories like the powerful and compact pump
  • Useful side paddle holder
  • Paddling requires little effort
  • Takes little effort to paddle
  • Responsive


  • Not stable, especially for beginners

In hurry? Here’s What Matters Most

When the majority of iSUP boards that have a length of 10′ are wider than the Waterwalker 120, this makes it requires less effort to move the board and turn. At the other end, bigger size paddlers will feel less stable on it. This board is responsive and maneuverable which makes it ideal for small size beginners and experienced paddlers who prefer narrower boards. For an inflatable SUP this short, Waterwalker 120 glides nicely. For speed, this board is quick but not like a racing board. You may found it tracks well or the opposite because tracking has more to do with you than the board itself. The woven drop-stitch core, 2-layers of military-grade PVC, and the carbon fiber reinforced rails make the Waterwalker 120 durable. For accessories, this board comes with top-class included accessories like the dual-chamber triple-action pump to inflate your board in less time with less effort and a carbon and nylon blend blade to get a lightweight paddle to paddle longer. In the end, Thurso Surf company is co-founded by Shenglong You, which is an Asian specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics, this alone makes the company more likely to create boards with good performance. When this board is great at all of this, its narrower width makes it a challenge for beginners, especially if you weigh more than 225 lbs or paddling on waves and chop.

Waterwalker 120 is best for

With its short length and narrower width, this board is best for short and light paddlers like teens, especially if you have the skills to benefit from its responsiveness to play-around waves. But do not forget that this is an all-around SUP, which makes it also good for beginners who want a board that suits many different activities. If you are like me, you want something durable, can attach many accessories, and beautiful at the same time, Waterwalker 120 combines all of this. Waterwalker 120 is fun to play around on smooth waters with light wind or slow-moving rivers with fewer turns. This board is also best for kids who outgrown the Prodigy Junior board

Difference between Waterwalker 120 2020 and 2021 model

Compared to the 2020 model, the 2021 Waterwalker 120 weight gets down by 2.5 lbs after moving from the standard drop-stitch construction to the woven one. The blade is also changed from a nylon blade to a carbon/nylon blend blade to make paddling require less energy. The last modification is in the aesthetics, the 2021 Waterwalker 120 does not have the center stripe in the deck pad, and all of the three Waterwalker boards became available in three colors instead of only one.

Difference between Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126, 120, and 132


Board dimensions 10′ x 30” x 6”
Volume 240 L
Board Category  All-Around inflatable
Max Capacity 260 lbs
Board Weight 22.5 lbs
Materials Woven drop-stitch core and, 2-layers of military-grade PVC and carbon fiber reinforced rails
List Price $799 (Medium price range) Check current price
Returns period 30 Day Guarantee
Warranty 2 years limited warranty on the board 


Thurso Surf is a Toronto-based company that is co-founded by Shenglong You who has a background in mechanical engineering and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Starting in 2016, Thurso Surf has grown to become one of the respected SUP brands by listening to its customers and improving itself year after year. Thurso Surf products line consists of 7 different SUP models that come with a 30-day guarantee, 2-year manufacturer warranty, and free shipping for orders starting from 35 US$, CA$, Euro, or Pound. ThursoSurf boards are known to glides well, being durable, and have a beautiful wood-grain design.

Performance review

  • Construction

The core of Waterwalker 120 consists of the woven drop-stitch construction instead of the knitted drops-stitch, which means a lighter, stronger, stiffer, and responsive board. If you are not familiar with these terms, drop-stitch means two pieces of polyester fabric (base yarns) that are joined by tens of thousands of fine threads (space yarns). All of these implemented-technology advantages come from the less room and play between base yarns in the woven technology, and due to the lower number of space yarns per square inch that make the board lighter. With this construction, Waterwalker 120 became lighter by 2.5 lbs, strong and rigid, and easy to roll. For more stability and abrasion resistance, Waterwalker 120 side rails became rigid by reinforcing them with carbon fiber. The PVC used in this construction is military-grade. The first layer protects the core, then two other ones and UV coating for the outside shell. Seams, the weakest point of inflatable boards, where all layers meet have added 2-layers of PVC on top of 2-layers for more durability.
  • Maneuverability

With its weight and length, Waterwalker 120 is easy to turn and quick to respond to, which makes it good for smaller bodies of water where you tend to dodge obstacles like rocks. For turning quicker, you can angle your shaft more to the side or raise the nose up by putting more of your weight on the rear of your board.
  • Speed

Not as a true racing SUP, with its narrower width of 30’’ that makes it less stable, you get a speedy board that makes you more able to win races between friends.
  • Glide

The same thing with gliding, when the width of 30’’ makes the Waterwalker 120 less stable, it makes it glides well without feeling sluggish in the water.
  • Tracking

Tracking has more to do with your level of experience and how you paddle than the board. This is why some paddlers will found it good at tracking when others not.
  • Stability

The shorter length and leaner width make this board stable only for smaller paddlers on calm water. Less board length and width mean less board stability, and this is what we have with Waterwalker 120. So, if you are a larger paddler, you should have some experience to be less impacted. To overcome this, Thurso Surf slightly raises the nose of the board to make it a little bit stable on small waves.


  • Action mount in the front

Starting with the front end of the Waterwalker 120, we have the action mount to fix accessories like a fishing rod holder or a GoPro to record your memories.
  • Grab handles

Behind the action mount, we have the front grab handle that lets you take your board in and out of the water. The second grab handle is a flatter one in the center of the board that lets you transport your board from and to the water when you are solo. The third grab handle is located in the rear of the board, it let you protect the fins by elevating them from the ground if you drag your board on the beach shore. With the neoprene lining, all of these handles are comfortable and easy to hold.
  • Front bungee storage area

A 6 D-rings removable bungee takes a large part of the front half of the board to serve as a storage space to securely fasten your dry bag, fishing gear, or a deck bag cooler.
  • Center 4 D-rings

On the center of the board and on both rails, we have 4 D-rings that let you convert your board with a kayak seat.
  • Side paddle holders

The right side of the Waterwalker 120 has two black Velcro loop straps that let you secure your paddle to the side and out of the way to free you up to swim, record a video or eat your food.

  • Deck pad

The large size deck pad that the Waterwalker 120 comes made of EVA foam for comfortable standing or keeling for hours without feeling hurt or developing blisters. The embossment with little ”T” letters on the EVA foam creates a texture that provides excellent grip even when wet. The multicolor design makes stains less visible, compared to white deck pads.
  • Back bungee storage area

If you cant attach your gear in the front bungee storage area for reasons like having your dog or kid with you, you still have an additional smaller 4-point bungee storage area behind you.

  • Leash D-ring

The rear end of your board has a durable centered D-ring to attach your leash.

  • 2+1 fins

Waterwalker 120 has one large fin in the center and two smaller ones on the side. All these fins are removable, which makes the board adjustable for advanced paddlers and more compact for easy storage. The lock lever that does not need any tool makes attaching and detaching fins easy and quick. Because the lock lever is toolless, you will not worry about forgetting or dropping a screw that you will need.

Included accessories review

  • Pump

Waterwalker 120 included pump is a tripe-action that makes inflation efficient and has dual chambers for quick inflation. The first mode gives you air from both chambers and on the upstrokes and the downstrokes. This mode is useful when you just started and the pressure is still low. The second mode comes into play when inflation starts to get difficult, it makes the process easier by getting air from both chambers but only on the downstrokes.

2020 pump (similar)

The third and last mode should be switched to when you cannot push down the handles anymore because the pressure is very high but you still need to get to your desired PSI. This mode converts the pump to only give air from one chamber and only on the downstrokes. To make this pump easy to fit in tight spaces, it allows you to fold up its feet and unscrew the handles. If it’s your first time using a SUP pump, you have easy-to-understand instructions printed on the back of the pump that cannot be lost. When you are done paddling and you want to roll up your board, the included pump still comes useful by its ability to deflate your board to a flat format for an easy roll-up.

2020 pump (similar)

To finish, this pump has also a pressure gauge that lets you know what is the current pressure of your SUP.
  • Paddle

The included paddle of the Waterwalker 120 is a three-piece one adjustable for different paddlers sizes with a carbon fiber shaft that makes it lightweight and a dual lock system the lets you convert it to a dual-bladed kayak paddle. The locking system of this paddle makes it feels as if it’s a single-piece paddle. This paddle is grippy with its rubberized and unique t-grip handle. The carbon and nylon blade is slightly smaller than the previous 2019 model without losing its stiffness or power. With the lightweight of the blade and the shaft, you can paddle comfortably even for hours.

  • Premium quality wheeled SUP backpack

Waterwalker 120 backpacks made with premium materials that give it a smooth finish and make it durable. The plenty of room on the inside comes with two compression straps that secure the board in its place, a large mesh organization pocket, and zippers that open up all the way for easy access. The hip belt lets you transfer the majority of your load to your lower body instead of your shoulders, which have lightly padded adjustable shoulder straps. The back of this backpack comes with breathable mesh that covers the back cushion that makes it comfortable to wear. The front side of the bag features a clear pouch with a velcro closure on top of a large pocket that lets you store things like fins, a camera, and a repair kit. These are three grab handles, one on top and one on both sides to help you get your backpack in and out of your car. Speaking of the sides, you have four straps that let you compress the backpack to make it close to your back for added stability. The bottom of your backpack is heavily reinforced which lets it stands on its own and has roller wheels on the front instead of the back to not hurt you when you wear it and keep your shoulder straps clean when you pull the backpack. This backpack offers you a comfortable wearing experience when you wear it for a short walk and not for a long hike.

  • Coiled SUP leash

To not affect your paddling experience negatively, the included leash has a soft cuff for comfortable wearing, a coiled cord instead of a straight one, and dual swivels to prevent tangles. This durable leash makes sure to keep your board close to you if you fall from it.

  • Repair Kit

To repair minor scratches besides the seams, you have a repair kit that includes patches and a brush to apply the adhesive. The repair kit include also a wrench to tighten the valve that gets loose with time. You get also three replacement fin clips in case they got lost or damaged.

Optional Accessories and Repair Parts

When its time to upgrade your Waterwalker 120, Thurso offers you additional accessories like:

Thurso Surf has replacement parts like:

Warranty & Returns Info

Thurso Surf products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty that lets you exchange or gets a full refund if you found a manufacturing defect. Learn more about the warranty policy here. On top of the warranty, you also have a 30-day guarantee that allows you to return the board if you change your mind. But do not forget that you should pay the returning fees. Learn more about the return policy here.

Want to get one at a discount

To get Thurso Surf products with a discount, I recommend you to check this page for discount codes and buy directly from the US, Canada, or UK official online stores, to not be charged with shipping costs or sales tax.


With its unique 30 inches width, Waterwalker 120 is an iSUP with above-average performance for its length. With its lower stability, Waterwalker 120 is for small paddlers or larger ones with some experience. With its mid-range price, this board is good for you if you are after a board that lets you get a little bit of everything you want to do with an inflatable SUP with a premium well-thought backpack and well-built accessories. Images courtesy of Thurso Surf

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