• Stylish design and solid performance
  • Quality accessories, like the pump
  • Useful features, like the side paddle holders


  • No action mount on the rear end


In hurry? Here’s What Matters Most

For speed, glide, and tracking, Thurso Waterwalker 132 exceeded expectations for an all-around SUP.

Stability was great, due to the width and the woven drop-stitch construction.

Even Waterwalker 132 is an inflatable all-around SUP, it remained easily maneuvered and stiff.

For construction, the Waterwalker 132 is well built using new technologies like the woven drop-stitching for the inner core, which drops weight without sacrificing rigidity.

And as always, Thurso is above average in terms of the added value of the accessories it includes in the package, you have a high-quality triple-action pump that most competitors do not offer in this price range.

If you are looking for an affordable, value-packed iSUP with a beautiful design and versatile enough to do a bit of everything, I highly recommend you Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132.



Waterwalker 132 paddleboard is best for

I found that Waterwalker 132 paddleboard is best for people that are looking for an inflatable SUP that suits people on the taller and heavier side.

Waterwalker 132 is also best for people that look for an inflatable SUP with a stylish design, thoughtful features, and solid performance.

This paddleboard is also suitable for conditions like paddling with the family for fun in flat water, surf some small waves, and it can even be used for fishing.


Difference between Waterwalker 132 2020 and 2021 model

I love companies like Thurso that improve their products year after year.

With Waterwalker 132, the 2021 board got lighter by 4 lbs due to the woven drop-stitch construction.

The same thing with the paddle blade, it got also lighter by using carbon nylon blend instead of the nylon, and also by making the blade’s area slightly smaller.

All of these changes didn’t negatively impact the performance of the board, instead, Thurso was able to improve performance.

Aesthetically, 2021 Waterwalker 132 comes without the deck pad center stripe and the woodgrain look that was specific to just Waterwalker 132, now all the three board of the Waterwalker line (120, 126, and 132) becomes available in three colors (Tangerine, Crimson, and Turquoise).


Board dimensions 11′ x 32” x 6”
Volume 300 L
Board Category  All-Around inflatable
Listed Best-for Capacity 160-210 lbs
Board Weight 26 lbs
SUP and accessories Weight 44.5 lbs
Materials woven drop stitch for the inner core, Dual-layer PVC, and carbon-fiber-reinforced rails 
List Price $849.00 $799.00 (Medium price range)
Returns period 30 Day Guarantee
Warranty 2 years limited warranty on the board 

Difference between Waterwalker 132, 120, and 126

When the THURSO Waterwalker 132 measures 11′ x 32″ x 6″, the Waterwalker 126 measures 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ and Waterwalker 120 measures 10′ x 30″ x 6″. As you can state, the difference is in the board width and not limited to just the board length.

This size difference that combines board length and width at the same time, makes the Waterwalker boards responsive for a wide range of paddlers size.


Thurso Surf is a Canada-based company that was co-founded by Shenglong You in 2016 (or 2017, I’m not sure).

What distinguishes this company is that the co-founder Shenglong You has a background in mechanical engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which can likely be credited to the expertise and the design optimization and flow understanding that can be felt in their paddleboards performance.

Besides the three all-around boards, Thurso Surf have also specialty bords like the Touring SUP, Multi-Purpose SUP, Youth SUP, and Yoga SUP.

Thurso Surf products are available in Canada, the USA, UK, and Europe.

Things that helped this company to quickly evolve and gain its reputation within the paddleboarding industry are the high level of customer service and their year-over-year product improvements.

An example of this is the introduction of carbon fiber reinforced side rails in 2020 and the woven drop-stitching for the inner core in 2021.

Performance review

  • Construction

What made the Waterwalker 132 (2021) stronger and more rigid when inflated and at the same time drop some weight, compared to the previous year model, is the use of dual-layer PVC construction for its outer layers and a woven drop-stitch inner core in the place of a standard drop stitch.

The 2020 and 2021 model side rails are also reinforced by carbon fiber for rigidity and abrasion resistance.

  • Maneuverability

If you prefer turning by pushing down the rear of your board, you will love the Waterwalker 132 because the tail end tapers. In general, Waterwalker 132 has a sporty feeling.

  • Speed

Due to the drop in weight compared to the previous year model, Thurso Waterwalker 132 became faster to get up to speed.

  • Glide

Compared to other all-around SUPs, Waterwalker 132 moves with a smooth, quiet continuous motion due to multiple factors like the well-built construction and the design and shape of the rocker and the tail.

  • Tracking

Tracking was not straight as expected for some while others didn’t have any problem at maintaining a vertical paddle and this is normal.

Tracking has to do more with your length and expertise, because the more you are short and the more the board is wide, you tend to lean more to your side to paddle, which can affect your ability to maintain a vertical paddle.

  • Stability

Even the listed recommended weight capacity is between 160 and 210 lbs, the board felt very stable even when it exceeds this weight capacity range.

With that, we understand that the listed max weight capacity of 330 lbs is accurate and is not just a fluff marketing move.

If you need more stability you can check the Thurso Max Multi-Purpose or Thurso Tranquility Yoga SUP (both are 34” wide).


Side paddle holder

This feature is very useful because it’s convenient when you want to take some photos, sit and relax on your board, or go for a swim.

Action mount in the front

At the nose of the board, an action mount is available to attach accessories like a camera to record your adventures.

  • Grab handles

At the center of the board, there is a grab handle that can be used to carry your inflated board when you are alone.


At the front (behind the action mount) and at the rear end of the board, there are two grab handles to let another person help you carry the board from your car or in and out of the water.

If you are alone, the back grab handle helps you pulling your board without damaging the fins by elevating them off the ground.

Deck pad

The deck pad found on the Waterwalker 132 uses EVA foam textured with little Thurso logos, which lets it be grippy and comfortable on the hands and feet when you stand on it for long periods.

Bungee storage area

For securing things like clothes in a dry bag, fishing gear, etc you can tie them to the board with a bungee cord with 6 stainless steel D-rings at the center of the front half of your board.

The bungee cord can easily be removed if you don’t use it often.

4 center D-rings

The 4 D-rings at the center of the board are there to tie down a cooler, attach your paddleboard carrying straps, or a kayak seat kit.

Back bungee cargo storage area

4 stainless steel D-rings with a bungee cord are also available at the read end of your board that serves as a little cargo storage area.

The cord can also help you locate your foot placement (without looking) on the rear of your board.

Leash D-ring

Between that back grab handle and the back bungee cargo storage area, there is a single D-ring to secure your double swivel leash.

2+1 fins

Unlike some other SUPs, Thurso Waterwalker 132 comes with tool-less easy-to-removable easy-to-attach 2+1 fins.

This ability to remove the fins makes the board easy to pack, store, or stack on the roof of your car.

Included accessories review

Dual Chamber Pump

If there is one thing that will stop me from recommending you an electric pump, it will be this dual-chamber triple-action pump that is included with the Thurso Waterwalker 132.

For pumping up your board, a dual-chamber pump completes the task quicker than a single-chamber one.

To make pumping easier, this pump provides you three pumping modes, the first one lets you get air on the upstroke and the downstroke, which is useful for the first 80% of the inflation process.

When pumping gets harder, make it easier by switching to the second mode to start getting air only on the downstrokes and still from both chambers.

When the inflation becomes too difficult at the end, complete the process by using the third mode, which provides high pressure by using only one chamber and getting air only downstroke – this gives you your needed rigidity.

Other than making the process easier, Thurso Surf makes pumping convenient by providing you a built-in pressure gauge to know the pressure as you pump air.

This pump is also helpful when you finish your paddling session and you want to deflate your board because it can suck the air out of the board to roll it up smaller than what you can have if you deflate it manually.

If all of these pump nice features are not enough for you, this pump still amazes us with the ability to unscrew the handles and detach the floor stand to get a shape that is easier for storage.


Paddle weight is critical because it’s what you will lift all the time and if it’s heavy you will suffer more than you enjoy your paddling session.

For Waterwalker 132, instead of aluminum or nylon, Thurso Surf used a carbon fiber blend to get a lighter paddle and one that feels better in the hand.

Compared to the Waterwalker 132 (2020), the blade is carbon nylon blend instead of nylon and slightly smaller, but it remained its performance.

The shaft has a nice feeling as you paddle.

One thing I liked and want other brands to start having is the middle pole design that lets you convert the paddle into a kayak paddle.

Comparing this t-grip with other stock grips, this one is more comfortable than many others and has a grippy rubber finish.


The backpack is also another piece where Thurso Surf showed us its expertise. Starting with the material, Waterwalker 132 backpack uses a thick material with quality zippers to get a durable backpack.

Speaking of zippers, this backpack has two zippers that give you a wide opening to easily access the inside.

The rolling wheels are smooth for better grip on hard surfaces and they are placed on the front side to avoid hitting you when you put the backpack on your back.

Staying on the front side, you get a large zippered pocket for storing accessories, like fins, camera, and repair kit, and a clear pouch with a velcro closure to store things that you want to keep seeing.

I forgot to mention that if you prefer a backpack that stands on its own, Waterwalker 132 backpack can do that because its bottom is reinforced and has two feet.

For straps, you have two compression straps on the inside to secure the board in its place.

To make having transporting your SUP on your back a little bit comfortable, you have four compression straps on the sides to squish the load closer to your back for better weight transfer and balance.

When your backpack is on your shoulders, your back will be touching a breathable mesh material that covers a cushion that adds comfort.

Do not forget that this backpack comes with lightly padded and adjustable shoulder straps that are comfortable.

The last straps you get with this backpack are the adjustable padded hip belt, which transfers the majority of your backpack weight to your biggest muscles, which are your hips and lower body.

For grab handles, you get two well-padded ones, one on the top and another one on the side to easily load or unload your bag.

This backpack is durable, functional, and good-looking.


This Thurso’s inflatable SUP kit also includes a durable leash, which is very important for your safety. This leash is a double metal swivel with a coiled cord.

Repair Kit

This SUP comes with a high-visibility container repair kit that includes patches, adhesive and brush, valve wrench, and fins replacement lever lock.

Optional Accessories and Repair parts

If the Thurso Waterwalker 132 is not enough for you, you can get additional accessories like a SUP kayak seat, electric pumpstraps to carry your board from the center D-rings, different size coolers, waterproof phone case.

You can also purchase replacement parts like repair glue, bungee cords, SUP handle, paddle holders, D-rings, pump hose, or pressure gauge.

Warranty & Returns Info

Thurso 2-year limited warranty covers manufacturer defects by replacing the board or refunding you.

To claim your warranty check this nice page that also explains terms in an understandable way.

If you contact customer support you will found that it’s amongst the best ones in the SUP niche.

You want to get one at a discount

Check this page to get the latest SUP discount codes and best deals.




If you are looking for an affordable, value-packed iSUP with a beautiful design and versatile enough to do a bit of everything, I highly recommend you Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132.

Images courtesy of Thurso Surf

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